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Giveaway Winner + New Music Monday

First off, let me just say how overwhelmed & humbled I am by everyone’s kind words, support, shares, entries, comments, etc. from this past week. I have been dreaming about launching this new phase of business for 2 years now, and to see it all come together+play out has been more than I can express in words. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I have cherished every moment, and am grateful for everyone who has shown love and support.

I think the most rewarding part of all of this, is knowing that it wasn’t done in vain. That what I hoped to accomplished would be accomplished. That at least one person would be touched, honored, and/or inspired..My hope was that all of this would be an encouragement to others.. to give hope & courage to creatives out there still exploring to discover their craft. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to highlight other creatives that I admire+believe in, and share the stories of those who have made a lasting imprint on me. It truly has been a week I will never forget.

Tonight, I want to highlight a creative who is very special and dear to my heart. My Husband. Dusty has a gift.. and I don’t say it because I am biased. He truly… truly has a gift. Dusty has been doing a fun thing he calls, “New Music Monday” for the past couple of months, & today’s new music monday has a special message within the song. I hope you enjoy, and are reminded that WHO YOU ARE isn’t made to fit a mold, a label, or an expectation. The world needs who YOU are.. just as you are.. unique & one of a kind.

Who You Are LIVE // Dusty Joplin


VIDEOGRAPHY: Michael Koontz with “The Modern Blue” 

*If you are looking for a videographer, MK is the BOMB!*



I am SO excited to announce the winner of the last giveaway from launch week. The winner of a FREE Portrait session with ALLEEJ matched with Professional hair+makeup services from Cathy’s Clippers Salon goes to..


 Congratulations cridlehuber1! You are the Lucky Winner! 🙂


Boho Glam Senior + Giveaway

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 I believe everyone is beautiful, and when having professional photographs taken, it is important to be true to yourself. Makeup is used best when it enhances your natural beauty! ALLEEJ has partnered with Cathy’s Clippers Salon to give you perfectly styled hair, & flawless makeup that won’t look overdone!


Today is the LAST giveaway of ALLEEJ’s Launch Week!! This Giveaway can be entered into ALL WEEKEND, and the winner will be announced Monday Morning! Today’s giveaway is a FREE Portrait Session (SENIOR, ENGAGEMENT, BRIDAL, ETC.) paired with professional hairstyling and makeup services from the Down Home Dry Bar at Cathy’s Clippers Salon!

 **Be sure to read how to enter to win! The requirements are a little bit different than the past 4 have been!**



1. Comment on this post and tell me one (or more!) of the reasons why you would like to win this session giveaway! I would love to hear about who you are, and what you love about photography!

2. Like my Facebook, share this blog post to your timeline & why you would like to win, and #alleejgiveaway

3. Follow me on Instagram, post a photo of today’s giveaway, share why you would like to win, tag @alleejphoto and #alleejgiveaway

Remember, the winner will be shared Monday Morning, so you have all weekend to share+enter!! 


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Cathy’s Clippers Salon  ||  Down Home Dry Bar

“At the Down Home Dry Bar, we want to keep it simple for our clients: Pick your style and let us do the rest. Wavy? Curly? Straight? We’ve got you covered and will have you in and out (with an amazing do) in no time. Wash. Dry. Style.”


 The Down Home Dry Bar would be the PERFECT place to have your hair+makeup done for prom! Get a group of girls together and make a party out of it!



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