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Celebrating Friendsgiving


If you read yesterdays personal blog post, then you now know how much I love gathering around the table. As I’ve been dreaming this fall of all the ways I could gather people in our home and around our table, I discovered this beautiful blog post featuring a styled Friendsgiving. I feel in love with the idea of celebrating life and all we have to be thankful for over thanksgiving meal with friends, so I handmade some invitations, old-fashiondly mailed them to some of our friends, and started figuring out how this girl who doesn’t really cook was going to pull of a thanksgiving meal turkey and all. Now I hear Friendsgiving is usually potluck style, but since I decided on everything a week from the date, and it was going to have to be on a Friday evening, I decided to tackle it all.  I searched recipes on Pinterest, prayed for a lot of help, made my grocery list, and went for it. I am pleasantly surprised and happy to say, not only did the food turn out edible, but it ACTUALLY had some flavor to it!! Whew- thank you, Jesus. This my friends was a Friendsgiving miracle.

When it came to setting the table, I wanted to do something similar to what I saw on “The Pretty Blog” that would be inviting and beautiful, but not break the bank. I had so much fun setting the table and figuring out budget friendly ways to achieve the look I was going for. I went to the Dollar store and found the perfect glassware topped with a gold rim, and beautiful, re-usable, every-day white dishes. I also wanted to find a bunch of dainty small brass candle stick holders, so I hit up goodwill & what do you know they had just what I was looking for! I had already owned the silverware and golden chargers that I got from a garage sale, so all that was left was the greenery! Luckily I work with brides that have amazing taste, and had a wedding the weekend before our approaching friendsgiving. As the wedding wrapped up, I noticed they began to throw away all of the greenery, so  I asked if I could keep it to try and use for the following weekend. The ladies at Walnut Tree were so kind and enthusiastic, they filled up 3 large tubs of greenery & loose florals that wouldn’t be able to be donated to the Funeral Home. Needless to say, I drove home that evening with such a thankful and full heart. For those of you, who like me, want to re-purpose and set your table to look nice and inviting- I hope this is encouragement and proof that decorating on a budget can be fun and it can be done!

I’m not sure I can adequately describe what Friendsgiving did to my heart. I got to watch our friends laugh and enjoy, and hear how even something as simple as a mailed invitation made them feel special.. and to me that’s what it was all about. I wanted to spend an evening celebrating our friends and what they have meant to Dusty and I. I wanted to make sure they felt special and valued, & I am truly believing that happens best over sharing a meal & engaging in true conversation. I felt the sweetness of the Lord’s presence as we ate, shared, played games, and caught up on life- something I will never forget. Friendsgiving may now be my favorite holiday, and I am already looking forward to gathering again next year!

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Cheers to life, friends, and all that we have to be thankful for!




Recipes Used & Approved: 

Joplin’s Homemade Mashed Potatoes //  Slow Cooker Creamed Corn // Fall Roasted Vegetables // Roasted Parmesan Green Beans // Pumpkin Pie  // Spiced Fall Cocktail 

Pre-Made Items: Praters Garlic & Herb Roasted Turkey & Praters Cornbread Stuffing & Gravy – Available at United Market Street

Table Setting Finds: 

Golden Rimmed Glassware & White Bead Rimmed Plates- Dollar Tree
Golden Chargers- Garage Sale (but you can find them at Dollar Tree & Hobby Lobby)
Tablescape Greenery & Florals- Leftover from a wedding I photographed the week before.  Grayce “Where Garden Meets Home” was the florist provider for wedding where everything came from!
Candle Stick Holders- Mostly Goodwill & 2 Large Brass Holders from Grand Central Station Antiques (It’s THE BEST Antique store in the LBK).
Napkins + Carving Utensils + Serving Dish- The one and only World Market
Amy+Konner | Engagements

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