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D.J. Dickson | Bridals

This girl has THE sweetest spirit and such a positive outlook on life. I have loved getting to know DJ over the past couple of months, and loved my time with her during the bridal session! We braved the cold and enjoyed a January afternoon playing, laughing, and documenting her as a beautiful and elegant bride! DJ married Tyler Sutton this past weekend (January 24th, 2015) out at the Flying V Ranch in Decatur, TX. I can’t wait to share images from their wedding day, but for now enjoy DJ’s bridal session!

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Abbie Rose

Abbie is a senior at Trinity High School here in Lubbock, TX! We had such a beautiful afternoon for her senior session in the middle of January! This girl is SO sweet, talented, joyful, and has the most beautiful BLUE eyes! I loved chatting with her about her last year of high school, her involvement on the cheer team, and her upcoming trip to NYC (super jelly by the way). Abbie loves to sing and play the guitar, so we wanted to be sure to include that in her session. Her father cut real flowers and glued them beautifully onto a  ribbon to hang on her dixie chicks, studded out guitar (that he did himself). Can we all just say, “What a dad!!” I loved this girls session and my time with her and her precious mother. I am so excited for this spring semester of seniors, and encourage you all who are interested in booking– you can have beautiful scenery and weather even in JANUARY. In other words anytime is a great time to get your pictures made. You don’t have to wait until the last minute ;). Abbie, thank you so much for choosing me as your senior photographer! You were so wonderful, and are a beautiful young woman inside and out. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

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Abby Macha

Every birthday the Macha sisters have birthday pictures taken! I loved getting to photograph Abby for her 15th Birthday, and couldn’t get enough of this beautiful angelic face :).


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