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Susie+Brandon | Engagements

Susie & Brandon are getting married this coming July at the wonderful Cotton Creek Barn in New Home, TX! I could not be more excited to be working with this couple, and am already anticipating their wedding day :). These two have been dating for several years and are so sweet together. My heart is to really make engagement sessions special, fun, and meaningful for the couple so I had the two pick out a few things that we could incorporate to tie the session together for them! From Sophie bear joining us, to a fun date surprise, unexpected tears, love letters, and a new pair of Kscott earrings… this session was so much fun and it was a treat to see how Brandon and Susie love each other so well. Enjoy pictures from their session, and leave them some love at the end. Hurry up July!! Let’s get these two married!


Haylee+Zachary Boyd | Wedding

Haylee+Zachary married December 13th, 2014 in West, Texas. This couples wedding day was sweet, emotional, beautiful, romantic, and quite the party! Haylee has been one of the sweetest and most thoughtful brides I’ve every had the opportunity to work with. She reminded me much of her sweet sister, Nicole in the way she showered those she loved on her own wedding day. This family has a huge heart, and to work closely with both Haylee and Zachary’s families was such a blessing and sweet way to end a year of amazing weddings and couples. Haylee decided to have a first look with both of her dads, and can I just say- Cue the tears!! My goodness, the times with both of her dads were so sweet and forever ingrained into my heart/mind… it was that sweet! I typically shoot weddings solo; however, for Haylee+Zachary’s wedding day I had the privilege of having Betsy Lackey with Photo By Betsy join me in documenting this couples day! A few of the images shown in the blog are hers, and are some of my favorites! Shooting with Besty again was such a treat to me, and kind of like medicine to my heart. Overall, this wedding day was one for the books. The details, the reverence and beautiful tradition of a Catholic ceremony, the cakes, the dancing, the Czech style food… it was ALL perfection and truly the BEST way to end a thrilling 2014 season of weddings! Haylee & Zachary, thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me as your wedding photographer. It truly has been the greatest honor and joy working with you both. You are a blessing to know and a gift to all of those you love. Much MUCH love for you two!!

x0x0- AlleeJ



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Garrett Henson | Senior

Garrett is a senior at Trinity High School! This guy is funny, smart, and good with numbers which I’m super jealous about. He will be attending Texas Tech in the Fall & plans to major in accounting! I loved hanging out with Garrett and His mom, it felt like I had known them for forever.. not just an hour! I also became smitten during Garett’s session- for the LOVE OF SWEET ANNIE! Ah! I have become far too much of a dog lover since my husband and I got our own pups. I just loved this session, and the personal touches that Garrett incorporated. The wooden gun was give to him by his Grandfather (I believe), and it reminded me of when my Papa gave my cousins his guns.. It was a special moment, and a special gift. Congratulations, Garrett!! Thank you so much for choosing me as your senior photographer. It was a blast!



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