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Cory is a senior at Trinity Christian High School and will be graduating this May! Cory is a talented athlete, purchase he is smart, pilule involved, a gentleman, and has great style! This young man has been a guest at many of the wedding’s I’ve recently photographed, and every time he steals the show with his dance moves. With that, I decided we HAD to have a dance party and it was a blast. Maybe I’ll figure out how to upload the video to this blog, but for now it remains one of my favorite memories from this years senior sessions. Cory you are a hoot. Thank you so much for kicking back and having fun during your session with me! It was a joy to photograph you during this time. Thank you for choosing ALLEEJ as your senior photographer and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

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Ben+Kaylee are the CUTEST!! These two are high school sweethearts and both attended college at Texas Tech University. The first time I met this couple was at the Freshman Community Group that my now husband and I lead along with a few other students. Kaylee is beautiful, charming, smart, funny, compassionate, and just landed her dream job and her dream man ;). Ben is seriously good at anything he puts his hands to. He is smart, creative, loves a lot of different things, and is very quick to pick things up. Ben and Kaylee love each other so sweetly. Throughout our session, they choose different things to incorporate to make their session a little more personal and special. I loved the three items Kaylee chose that reminded her of Ben. A train that he painted her and that trailed out with her christmas necklace as the first christmas gift he gave her, a drum head, and a journal that they take turns writing love letters to each other in. I hope you two will write in that journal for the years to come & never stop giving each other meaningful, small, and intentional gifts to show your love to one another. They also wrote each other a love letter to open and read during the session. By the end of our time together, they were beaming :). I loved my time with these two for so many reasons, and I am so thrilled to photograph their wedding day in September! Ben+Kaylee- Your love & faith can move mountains. Always remember you have good will for one another, attempt to try to out serve the other, and choose love daily & without strings attached. Congratulations sweet friends!!

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