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Susie Wall | Bridals

Susie is a married woman! This beautiful bride said “I do” to the love of her life this evening at Cotton Creek Barn in New Home, TX! I’m so excited to share her bridals with you all. Elyce Arrietta did an outstanding job, yet again, on another ALLEEJ Bride. If you need a makeup artist/hair stylist for your big day, she is your girl! Susie glowed during her session and was full of joy and excitement for her wedding day. I personally couldn’t get enough of photographing this beautiful bride, and LOVED her wedding dress as if it were my own ;). The detailing in her lace, and the flow of the dress were just breathtaking on her! Susie, you’re a beautiful bride inside and out. Congratulations on your MARRIAGE!! Wohoo!!

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Chelsea Yaws | Bridals

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Haley+Parker | Wedding

Haley & Parker vowed their lives to each other this past Saturday evening at the beautiful First Baptist Church in Lubbock, Tx. Haley & Parker have grown up together at Trinity schools and started dating the summer Haley graduated. Haley went on to attend Texas Tech University and Parker finished his high school career then went on to play college basketball at ACU. A lot of their dating relationship was spent long distance, but these two only grew stronger together, stronger in the Lord, and made an impact on those they were surrounded by while plugged into their own places. Parker and Haley are both known for their character, their joy, and their love for the Lord. On the wedding day, it was a true testament to how much of an impact Haley+Parker and their families have made on the people they do life with. So many gathered to celebrate these two, and the evening air was filled with a gentle, loving, beautiful presence that dwells in many who attended making it one of the sweetest affairs. When the couple saw each other for the first time, their joy, love and excitement was so sincere and heartfelt. Haley gave parker a beautiful antique pocket watch that she had engraved “Till the end of time” with their wedding date. Parker is starting to collect these items and the gift was very touching and meaningful. All of the wedding details were soft, romantic, natural, and meaningful. Dayspring Design knocked it out of the park with their florals and catering, and the Wentz’s home was the perfect venue to celebrate this couples new union. Not only did the couple celebrate their reception at Parkers childhood home, lakeside in Ransom Canyon.. but Parkers parents were also celebrating their 29th anniversary. Mr. & Mrs. Wentz have generously opened their home for many people to celebrate special events.. (my husband actually proposed to me under their patio that overlooks the lake), but I imagine it was a dream come true  to host their son’s reception at their home. A home is a place where people gather and dwell together; an environment offering security and happiness. The Wentz family has shown me (and others I imagine) what it looks like to use your home as a tool for the kingdom. A place to gather and dwell, to experience Christ’s love, His presence, to celebrate, and feel welcomed and wanted. They have done a beautiful job and set a great example. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Wentz on your anniversary and the new addition to your family. A BIG congratulations to the Hutchens & Wentz families joining together a beautiful couple, in a beautiful place, filled with a tangible & beautiful presence. It’s been a privilege to work with you all, and I feel as I’ve gained friends (and work out buddies;)) through the process. I hope you all enjoy a preview of this special evening, Enjoy!!

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