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Autumn Family Sessions

Hello Friends!


It’s that time of year again :). I don’t take family sessions but during the fall of every year! I’m excited to open the calendar up for all of you wonderful families out there. I have a limited amount of family sessions I will be taking on, but here is all of the information and options for all who are interested!

I will be offering a few regular priced family sessions for those of you who would like a more specific calendar date and location. For families who need something quick and simple for the regular christmas cards, I’ve got an Autumn “mini session special” for all of you! Here’s the low-down.


“AUTUMN MINI SPECIAL”: (specified dates & locations)

1 outfit, 1 location, 20 minutes, 15 edited images downloadable from Gallery, print release-$250



Friday | OCTOBER 9th

Location: Nature Location- Garden Arts Center

5:00-The Campbell Family

5:30-The Allen Family

6:00- The Harmon Family

6:30- The Dearing Family

Sunday | OCTOBER 18th

 Location: Nature location around Mackenzie Park

4:30pm- The Jones Family

5:00pm- The Brandiger Family

5:30pm-The Osborne Family

6:00pm- The Brewer Family


**I do not work Sundays, so this will be the ONLY available Sunday**

— Email to book your spot for one of the listed dates+times —


Additional Family Session Options: (limited availability) 

LUXE FAMILY SESSION: (pick your own date & location style)

45-60 Minute session, 1-2 locations, 1-2 outfits, 50 edited images, flash drive, print release – $550

*email for available dates


MINI FAMILY SESSION: (pick your own date & location style)

1 outfit, 1 location, 30minutes, 35 edited images downloadable from Gallery, print release-$350

*email for available dates

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Taylor McDonald | Bridals

Taylor is a married woman! This beautiful bride married the love of her life Saturday evening and it couldn’t have been a more perfect evening. She looked stunning, and glowed with a joy so pure and genuine. I am so excited to share her bridal portraits all taken in her grandparents incredible backyard/home! Taylor, thank you so much for choosing ALLEEJ to capture such a special time in your’s and Matt’s lives. I’m so excited for you guys and can’t wait to share a preview of the day! For now, family and friends, enjoy these pictures of the beautiful bride!

FLOWERS: Lou Dee’s Levelland, TX

2015-07-13_0123 2015-07-13_0121 2015-07-13_0122  2015-07-13_01242015-07-13_0126   2015-07-13_0127 2015-07-13_0128 2015-07-13_0129 2015-07-13_0130 2015-07-13_0131  2015-07-13_0133 2015-07-13_0134 2015-07-13_0135 2015-07-13_0136 2015-07-13_0137  2015-07-13_01392015-07-13_0146 2015-07-13_0140 2015-07-13_0141  2015-07-13_0143  2015-07-13_0145    2015-07-13_0149  2015-07-13_0151

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Kaitlyn+Josh Pettitte | Ashton Gardens Wedding

This past Saturday the heavens cheered. Kaitlyn Breanne Vinson and Joshua Blake Pettitte vowed their lives to one another, promising to die to their own self in order to love, serve, and give their lives to each other and to the Lord’s purposes for the rest of their lives. The couple married at West Houston’s newest wedding venue, Ashton Gardens. All of the details were clean, timeless, romantic, and heavenly. The Chapel was filled with beautiful natural light, the song “Holy Spirit” played as family and friends walked down the isle, the Lord’s presence filled the room, and the anticipation grew for the groom to lay his eyes on his bride for the first time that day. When the doors opened, and as Kaitlyn walked toward her groom, they both caught a glimpse of their prize…each other. When Josh saw Kaitlyn the overwhelming joy that overtook him blessed all of our hearts to witness. His genuine reaction to Kaitlyn was so vulnerable and unashamed. It moved me so deeply, and showed me an earthly example of the Glory that’s to be experienced when Christ receives His bride. I can’t even.. The whole moment was a beautiful picture, a precious moment, and something I will never forget.

After the ceremony, the guests exited to the beautiful ballroom as we finished up pictures and caught the rest of golden hour’s yummy light! The JOY that poured out of both Kaitlyn and Josh throughout the day was so contagious and made the whole day a celebration… no stress, mud on dresses, little glitches in the day.. nothing was going to stand in the way of the Joy that filled their hearts. The wedding party, family and friends enjoyed a delicious meal provided by Ashton Gardens, and then danced the night away celebrating a new marriage that will move mountains for the Lord’s kingdom.

I am so grateful to have known Kaitlyn personally throughout the years, and I am truly honored to have captured such a special couple’s wedding day. I don’t think (correction, I know I couldn’t) have personally hand picked someone more fitting for Kaitlyn than what the Lord has provided in Josh to be her husband. I am so excited for these two and the journey the Lord has set before them. To the newlyweds, my encouragement to you is to always make it your mission to out serve the other without seeking anything in return. When you are both doing it, your love and life will be so rich. When only one of you are doing it, I pray it shows the other the heart of Jesus and draws you both closer to him. Pursue the Lord daily.. he is your lifeline! Dream big together, and refrain from planning out how you think life should look. Allow yourself to give the Lord BIG YES’ and let him create your life together — it will make your journey and your marriage rich with purpose and always an adventure ;). Much love for you both, and thank you a million times over for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. Team Pettitte Forever!!

All my love — Al.

x0x0 | ALLEEJ

Pettitte_002Pettitte_003 Pettitte_007 Pettitte_006Pettitte_004 Pettitte_005Pettitte_008Pettitte_009Pettitte_010Pettitte_011Pettitte_012 Pettitte_013Pettitte_015Pettitte_014Pettitte_046Pettitte_016Pettitte_017Pettitte_018Pettitte_022Pettitte_019Pettitte_021Pettitte_023Pettitte_026Pettitte_029Pettitte_034Pettitte_028Pettitte_035Pettitte_031     Pettitte_033 Pettitte_038Pettitte_039Pettitte_040Pettitte_042Pettitte_043Pettitte_0442015-08-17_0126Pettitte_0482015-08-17_0125Pettitte_049Pettitte_051Pettitte_050Pettitte_052Pettitte_053Pettitte_055Pettitte_056Pettitte_058Pettitte_059Pettitte_057Pettitte_060Pettitte_061Pettitte_062Pettitte_063Pettitte_064Pettitte_065Pettitte_066Pettitte_071Pettitte_070Pettitte_069Pettitte_067Pettitte_068Pettitte_072Pettitte_073Pettitte_074Pettitte_075Pettitte_076Pettitte_077Pettitte_080Pettitte_079Pettitte_078Pettitte_081Pettitte_085Pettitte_088Pettitte_089Pettitte_090Pettitte_091Pettitte_087Pettitte_094Pettitte_095Pettitte_100Pettitte_099Pettitte_104Pettitte_105Pettitte_107Pettitte_106Pettitte_108Pettitte_111Pettitte_110Pettitte_109Pettitte_098Pettitte_097Pettitte_096Pettitte_112Pettitte_113Pettitte_114Pettitte_115Pettitte_116Pettitte_117Pettitte_118Pettitte_120Pettitte_121Pettitte_122

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