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Addie+Mike | Colorado Engagements

Hello Friends!


It’s that time of year again :). I don’t take family sessions but during the fall of every year! I’m excited to open the calendar up for all of you wonderful families out there. I have a limited amount of family sessions I will be taking on, information pills but here is all of the information and options for all who are interested!

I will be offering a few regular priced family sessions for those of you who would like a more specific calendar date and location. For families who need something quick and simple for the regular christmas cards, site I’ve got an Autumn “mini session special” for all of you! Here’s the low-down.


“AUTUMN MINI SPECIAL”: (specified dates & locations)

1 outfit, more about 1 location, 20 minutes, 15 edited images downloadable from Gallery, print release-$250



Friday | OCTOBER 9th

Location: Nature Location- Garden Arts Center

5:00-The Campbell Family

5:30-The Allen Family

6:00- The Harmon Family

6:30- The Dearing Family

Sunday | OCTOBER 18th

 Location: Nature location around Mackenzie Park

4:30pm- The Jones Family

5:00pm- The Brandiger Family

5:30pm-The Osborne Family

6:00pm- The Brewer Family


**I do not work Sundays, so this will be the ONLY available Sunday**

— Email to book your spot for one of the listed dates+times —


Additional Family Session Options: (limited availability) 

LUXE FAMILY SESSION: (pick your own date & location style)

45-60 Minute session, 1-2 locations, 1-2 outfits, 50 edited images, flash drive, print release – $550

*email for available dates


MINI FAMILY SESSION: (pick your own date & location style)

1 outfit, 1 location, 30minutes, 35 edited images downloadable from Gallery, print release-$350

*email for available dates

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Mid-September I spent a few days in Colorado for a retreat to relax and refocus. When the retreat ended, my dear friend Addie picked me up and we spent Sunday driving around Boreas Pass, Breckenridge, and Mount Evan’s gawking at all of the beautiful fall leaves changing colors & scouting locations for her engagement session the next day. We decided on Mount Evan’s and I am so glad that we did. I loved all of the landscapes it had to offer, and was the closest to Addie & Michael’s home’s in Parker, CO. Monday we spent the day having brunch, getting ready, and driving to the mountains. My time with Addie and Mike was so special to me. I loved getting to catch up with Addie, meet her soon to be husband- Michael/Mike, and see them two interact together in real life!! It was a great way to finish off my time in the mountains, and I could not be more excited for these two. They are such a wonderful pair, and I believe the Lord is going to move mountains through their love for Him, each other, and others. Congratulations sweet friends! I can’t wait for your wedding in April.. it will be quite the day!! I found this quote, and I felt like it was so appropriate to what I experienced watching Michael love on Addie…


“It was rather beautiful: The way he put her insecurities to sleep. The way he dove into her eyes and starved all the fears and tasted all the dreams she kept coiled beneath her bones.” – Christopher Poindexter


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