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Ariel+Duncan | Engagements

Ariel+Duncan are an amazing couple. These two have been through it all together, and you can see their love and loyalty to one another in the way that they look at each other. I am SO excited for this couples wedding day at the Fulford Barn. It is going to be a beautiful August day!

I had such a fun time laughing with these two during their engagement session, and am so thankful that this unpredictable Lubbock weather gave us a beautiful night even though they were saying crazy wind. Ariel had Elyce Arrietta do a fabulous up-do to help with the wind (which was a genus idea). Elyce did her makeup as well, and I can ALWAYS tell when Elyce has done someones makeup- She does the BEST bridal look.

Ariel+Duncan, thank you guys so much.. really.. for choosing ALLEEJ to photograph this journey! It’s already been such a treat and I can’t wait to witness you two exchange vows. Much love!!

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Sharon Polackal

Sharon is a student at Texas Tech University and will be graduating this December!! I had so much fun taking this girls pictures, and although she has never had professional pictures taken she was a natural in front of the camera. Sharon is absolutely stunning, accomplished, and has much to be proud of! Congratulations on your approaching graduation & good luck in all your endeavors with Medical School. This girl will be treating and finding new cures for cancer, just watch.


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Ashley Parr

Ashley is graduating from Texas Tech University this December and I’m so proud of her!! Ashley and I have grown up together throughout grade school at Lubbock Cooper ISD. She was a grade younger than me, so we didn’t spend a ton of time together but we cheered together and were involved in a lot of the same activities growing up :). In college, Ashley roomed with me her freshman year & we became “sisters” through Pi Beta Phi at TTU! Ashley is such a sweet, reserved, sensitive soul and is absolutely STUNNING as you’ll see in these pictures. She has a heart for people, a love for basketball, and a passion for Jesus. It’s a privilege to know this beautiful girl and I’m so honored she chose ALLEEJ to photograph her in this exciting time of life!! Love you, Ashley and Congratulations sweet friend!!

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