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Molly Johnston | Trinity Senior

Molly is a senior at Trinity High School, and will be graduating this May. I’ve known Molly & her family for the past 6 years, and having the opportunity to take her senior pictures was a surreal and joyful moment for me!! Molly has always been SO precious. She is incredibly compassionate, thoughtful, sweet, witty, a great friend to her peers, and a loving daughter and sibling. Watching Molly grow up just over the past few years has been so much fun. This girl is just as gracious as she looks.. seriously Molly is a beauty inside and out, & everyone who knows her can attest to that! Not only is she kind, smart, and beautiful, she is also incredibly talented on the volleyball court. Molly will be attending Gardner Webb and has signed to play on their Volleyball team in North Carolina. My heart tugs for her family a bit (knowing how close they all are), but I am so thrilled and excited for all of the new adventures & memories they will make as Molly adventures in this new chapter of life!

A little letter to Molly…

Molly, you bear more fruits of the spirit than most & all of those attributes naturally draws people to you. You bear that fruit by abiding in & being connected to the vine. Your love for Jesus is not loud, but clearly seen in your life. It’s been so beautiful to witness through the way you pour out love to others & even to yourself. You can only give true love and grace to the extent that you allow yourself to receive it. Seeing you embrace God’s love and gifting’s in your life, and staying true to yourself has been such a blessing to my heart to witness from afar. I can’t wait to see you spread your wings and soar in this new chapter of life. I think you are going to love college & I pray that your experience with Volleyball is everything and more that you dream it will be. Thank you SO much for choosing ALLEEJ to take your senior pictures. It was a dream come true for me ;). Congratulations on your senior year! Enjoy the last semester & have a blast making as many memories as you can. Dusty and I have a lot of love for you and your family!! We will be praying as you step into this new journey & life in North Carolina.

xoxo- AL.

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Katie+Thomas Allen | Wedding

Katie+Thomas married on December 12th, 2015 at Christ the King Cathedral & continued the celebration at the Merchant’s building on the South Plains Fairgrounds. Katie and I have been friends for most of our lives, growing up together at Cooper schools in Lubbock, Tx. Photographing this journey for her and Thomas has been such a privilege and joy. Katie was around at the beginning of my journey with photography. We went from taking pictures of her on the ground with her pigs senior year(I’m so sorry, Katie ;)), to photographing her in a beautiful white dress on her wedding day. Things like this are SO special to me, and I’m truly so grateful and humbled to have been the Allen+Heinrich wedding photographer!! Thomas is a perfect fit for Katie, and Katie is a perfect fit for Thomas. These two balance each other out in the best of ways, and it’s so beautiful to see. When people you love find good things in life, your heart can’t help but burst with joy and excitement for them. This is how I feel for Katie, and I know she and Thomas are going to love life as a married couple! The Allen wedding was such a celebration. MANY people came out to support and celebrate the couple… in fact, Katie couldn’t find a venue to support their number of guests.. that was, until she remembered the old Merchants building on the Fair Grounds that she grew up having events in. I had never been to the Merchant’s building, and honestly didn’t know what to expect. This building & how Katie’s vision came to life seriously blew me away!! I loved her take on the industrial look, mixed with a winter elegance, and a touch of cotton which has been such a big part of her life growing up as a farming family. The building itself has all white walls, and a few areas of old exposed brick. It’s a great place to hold an event, so if you’re a bride that likes an industrial feel, this is a great spot for you!! This was my last wedding of 2015, and it could not have been the more perfect wedding to end on. Katie+Thomas, you two are so special & I could not be happier for the two of you. Katie, thank you so much for your friendship over the years, and to you and Thomas, thank you so much for choosing ALLEEJ to photograph this journey for you!! It’s been so much fun & such a treat. Much love to the new Mr. & Mrs. Allen!!!

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Bailey+Jeff Cook | Midland Wedding

Bailey + Jeff married in Midland, TX on November 7th, 2015. These two are high school sweethearts, college love-birds, and now forever husband and wife! Being apart of their wedding weekend was such a treat, and hearing all of the stories of Bailey and Jeff individually and as a couple was so touching. One of the most memorable things was Bailey’s mother’s story about how Bailey would dress up and spin around in her dress. It was so touching to see dreams fulfilled as Bailey danced the night away, spinning in her dress in the arms of her “prince charming”. Bailey is such a sweet soul, and Jeff is caring and compassionate. The two make a magical pair, and their love is something that will move mountains in theirs & the lives of those around them. Mr. & Mrs. Cook, thank you so much for choosing ALLEEJ as your wedding photographer. Capturing this journey for you two was a dream! 2015-12-25_00012015-12-25_00112015-12-25_00122015-12-25_00202015-12-25_0018 2015-12-25_00032015-12-25_00022015-12-25_00042015-12-25_00052015-12-25_0006 2015-12-25_0007 2015-12-25_00082015-12-25_00102015-12-25_00152015-12-25_00172015-12-25_00192015-12-25_0014          2015-12-25_0021 2015-12-25_0022 2015-12-25_0023 2015-12-25_0024  2015-12-25_0026 2015-12-25_0027 2015-12-25_0028 2015-12-25_00292015-12-25_0031

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