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Sarah Williams | Bridals

Sarah is a married woman and I am SO excited to share pictures from her bridal session!! This STUNNING bride had the most beautiful off the shoulder lace dress, and lush florals + flower crown created by the amazing Dayspring Design. She wanted to include her precious golden-doodle, Sam in her bridal session and I am so glad that she did!! He was so handsome sitting next to such a beautiful bride. His white fur and pink bow-tie totally brought the look together ;). The Garden Arts Center was a perfect location for Sarah’s session and we ended at out a golden wispy field as the sunset. It was such a beautiful and fun evening! Enjoy looking through Sarah’s bridal session!

Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0001 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0002 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0003 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0004 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0005 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0006 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0007 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0008 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0010Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0009 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0011 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0012 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0013 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0014 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0015 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0017Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0016 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0018 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0019 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0020 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0021 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0022 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0023 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0024 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0025 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0026 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0027 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0028 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0029 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0030 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0031 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0032 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0033 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0034 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0035 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0036 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0037 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0038 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0039 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0040  Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0042Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0041 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0043 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0044 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0045 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0046 Sarahwilliams+Lubbockphotographer+bridalsession0047

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Sydney Coleman | Spring Senior Session

Sydney Coleman is a senior at Shallowater High school and will be graduating in just a few short days!! Sydney was one of my “split senior sessions” where she did one session in the fall and one in the spring. This girl is bright, beautiful, smart, endearing, and SO much fun to take pictures of!! Her life-loving, fun personality is so warm and contagious. Sydney is versed in fashion and has the BEST taste!! I loved all of her outfits, and am so lucky to have spent some time with this special girl taking her senior pictures. Sydney plans to attend Texas Tech University in the fall and will be looking to get involved in the Greek community among other organizations! All of you lovely Red Raiders, be on the lookout for this sweet one! Sydney, congratulations on your senior year of High School. It’s been a joy and honor to be your senior photographer. 🙂

SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0001 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0002 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0003 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0004 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0005 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0006 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0007 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0008 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0009 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0010 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0011 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0012 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0013 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0014 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0015 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0016 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0017 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0018 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0019 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0020 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0021 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0022 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0023 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0024 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0025 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0026 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0027 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0028 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0029 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0030 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0031 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0032 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0033 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0034 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0035 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0036 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0037 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0038 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0039 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0040 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0041 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0042 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0043 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0044 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0045 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0046 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0047 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0048 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0049 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0050 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0051 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0052 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0053 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0054 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0055 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0056 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0057 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0058 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0059 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0060 SydneyColeman+Shallowaterhighschool+Lubbockseniorphotographer0061

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Pursue Worship | Personal Post

Lexie is a senior at Hereford High School & made the trip to Lubbock for her senior session! I am so glad that she did, purchase I LOVED taking this pretty lady’s senior pictures. From her amazing prom dress, dosage to her spirited cheer uniform, there was so much about this session that was a perfect way to highlight all of the fun of Senior year. The Garden Arts Center has been so beautiful this year, and was the perfect location for this HHS senior’s Luxe senior session! Lexie, thank you so much for choosing ALLEEJ as your senior photographer. It’s been a blast working with you!!

Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0001 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0002 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0003 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0004 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0005 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0006 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0007 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0008 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0009 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0010 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0011 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0012 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0013 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0014 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0015 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0016 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0017  Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0019 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0020 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0021 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0022 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0023 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0024 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0025 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0026   Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0029 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0030 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0031 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0032 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0033 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0034 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0035 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0036 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0037Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0039 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0038  Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0040 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0041 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0042 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0043 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0045 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0046 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0047 Lexiechesher+Herfordsenior+lubbockseniorphotographer0048
I’m changing things up with today’s blog post. Today is a personal post about someone + something I am very passionate, excited, and expectant about, but first let me give you a bit of a backstory.

Meet my husband, Dusty Joplin.

10857215_898933650117865_1948391411531942334_oThis guy is my best friend, my teammate, and the funniest guy I know.

Dusty and I met at Church on The Rock in Lubbock, Tx in the winter of 2009. Since then, I have been blown away by this man and fell head over hills.. well maybe not the day I met him… but not too long after ;). Dusty became my husband in the summer of 2012, & since then we have made a lot of great memories, & gone on some wild adventures together – some fun and some not so fun, but necessary and victorious in the end.


Photo: Two Pair Photography

My husband is a quality human being. He is child-like in his fun, but wise – strong- and influential in his leadership. He is imperfect & makes mistakes, but he is humble in his short-comings and is eager to have a teachable heart. He is a man of integrity, and confronts the hard things head on without fear, & with a heart of resolve and restoration. He is forgiving, gracious, and likes to shower things with humor. He is encouraging, a dreamer, and one of my favorite qualities – he is a worshiper.


Dusty has a deep belief in the Lord’s goodness, & it is not shifted by circumstances or seasons – which I have so appreciated as I’ve struggled more with this concept at times. He has such a beautiful perspective of the father’s heart & is not motivated towards love by works or performance which I can find difficult to do. My husband is a worshiper with every ounce of his being. He has such an inspiring and healthy perspective of how the Lord views him – us – and how great God’s love is for us all, which I believe allows him to love others well and with influence.

Photos: Bethel Lyrics on Pinterest

ad16d37786814dbb73820fe669339fb484caca4610dbe161e5dab9b637049ed4cd9fd7b384e23d37d6cc4ad681aa7bca 20d01dc9d31909d27aff0530293a6c96

I believe God has used many area’s of Dusty’s life to mold him, shape him, and establish him “for such a time as this”. Like I said, my husband is a dreamer. Since I’ve known him he has had a dream to “Change the world”. We all know that to change the world, we start by influencing, loving, and leaving things better than the way we found it right here in our “places” and in our home. Changing the world starts with one person loving and changing another person’s life for the better. I am so excited to share a way that we can all partner together to change the world around us!! 



My husband has had the privilege of being the Worship Pastor at Church on the Rock for the past year and a half. This is his dream job, guys… something he didn’t think would ever happen. The Lord so graciously allowed his dream to come true, and in a very speedy fashion. Since stepping into this role, he has lead a team of volunteers with grace, humility, inspiration, encouragement, and grace for others and himself as nothing is ever perfect or easy. This team of volunteers is INCREDIBLE. They pour out countless of hours preparing & leading God’s children into worship. They carry vision, purpose, authority, and they honor the Lord with their hearts and offering of their gifts in worship. They serve, they sacrifice, they pursue the father’s heart, & are aware of the responsibility that they have to lead people into the throne room in genuine praise. Not a single one of them are perfect, or have it all together in life, but they come humble, surrendered, and expectant, & I believe that is one of the reasons why the Lord shows himself so beautifully to us as we worship him.

12747444_1674892162793189_943514902965002858_o 12719545_1674891936126545_875248024165709582_o 12716051_1674891909459881_5573817542130209286_o

This team is called “pursue worship” and will be creating their very first worship album this year!! This is the exciting news… they are having the producers of Bethel Church’s worship album(s) to come and do a live recording of their album (hopefully in the fall). They are currently raising $50,000 in order to do this exciting project & get songs of hope, and of the gospel into the cars, iPhone’s, CD-Players, and onto the computers of people all around the world. In a very easy way, we can all be a part of something bigger than ourselves in sending the good news of Jesus Christ out in the most relatable and quickest way possible – through music. Starting today through Tuesday, May 24th, every dollar given will be MATCHED UP TO $10,000!!! This is HUGE as it will not only guarantee the first album to happen & be a success, but it will equip Pursue Worship to continue to create albums filled with impactful worship music that will change hearts & draw people to Jesus Christ for the years to come! I am SO EXCITED to see dreams come to fruition … to see the Lord pour himself out & show His favor & blessing to this team & what will be created. I believe the Lord is 500% behind this, and the songs that will be recorded will go out and literally influence & “change the world”. What an exciting thing to be be a part of, right?!?

Photos: Bethel Lyrics on Pinterest

92c564e93112e250b88108b8b3bb6945 4686bc3cce5bb5a588b9cd4961f9f7f3 87ad0e0c11ea28e0adbd448b15879db7

Although I just did a major husband brag… all of this has nothing to do with him. And although our Pursue Worship team is stupid talented, has beautiful hearts, and are people full of Jesus, this has nothing to do with them. All together- We are just the vessels. They are being obedient with the vision, dream, and tools that the Lord has graciously placed in their hands. They are being his hands and feet.

Photos: Bethel Lyrics on Pinterest


It’s all about Jesus. The whole purpose of this album, is to send out the love and hope that Jesus gives. It started being about Jesus, it is currently about Jesus, and it will ALWAYS be about Jesus.


This is a good thing to partner with. You can never go wrong with partnering with Jesus and his Kingdom. Partnering with sharing his love, hope, grace and mercy. Can I encourage you, if you feel inspired, touched, or impacted to partner with the making of this album – will you considering giving to the project?? Today through Tuesday, every dollar will be matched, so there’s no better time to give than now!! Your gift is double the influence and impact!! Follow along with Pursue Worship and be praying for this team as they go on this Journey making the heart of Jesus known through music. Connecting the people of God to the heart of God.

Photos: Bethel Lyrics on Pinterest




Visit their website to learn more about Pursue Worship, the Album, and giving!

Visit their Facebook to keep up with what the Lord is doing through Pursue Worship, Live Album Recording dates, and more!


The Church on the Rock worship team, Pursue Worship, is currently in the process of writing, arranging, and recording a LIVE album, and we want YOU to be a part of helping us take the music and the message around the world! Daniel Mackenzie and Gabriel Wilson, Producers on Bethel Music’s Award-Winning, “For the Sake of the World”, “Tides” & “You Make Me Brave” albums, have already agreed to partner with COTR and the Pursue Worship Team, to help us create and capture the highest quality LIVE recording possible. Daniel and Gabriel are two of the best in the world, and we believe that with their help (and yours), we can create something that will have a eternal impact on the Kingdom of God, not only in Lubbock, TX, but around the world.

Why “Pursue Worship”?

Worship is where our pursuit of God, meets His pursuit of us. Our heart’s desire is simply to connect the people of God, with the presence of God, and in turn see lives changed. James writes that “if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us.” In other words, if we pursue God, He will pursue us. That is the purpose and vision of Pursue Worship; to give people the opportunity and the vocabulary, to draw near to heart of Jesus.

Why become a Pursue Partner?

Plato said, “Give me the music of a nation, and I will change that nation’s mind.” With today’s technology, music has the ability to take the Gospel of Jesus around the world faster than we could ever dream. The songs on this album are filled with the message of freedom, hope, unity, and surrender; songs that may have already impacted your life in a powerful way, such as “Free Indeed”, “Let It Begin”, “I Will Wait”, and many more. Every penny given to this project will go towards making the name of Jesus known and loved around the world. There is no greater investment, than in the Kingdom of God!

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 4.22.19 PM

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