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Devin DeLapp | TTU

We could all use some Lillie in our lives. This girl is a senior at Frenship High School and will be graduating this May. She plans to go to Texas Tech or Oklahoma State University, page my vote is always TTU 😉 But I know she will flourish wherever she goes! I was so excited when Lillie inquired for me to take her senior pictures. A few years back, doctor I took her older sisters pictures and had SO MUCH FUN. I knew I would be in for a blast with Lillie, and I was right! This girl is absolutely stunning, so sweet, and was down to play, laugh, and goof off in front of my camera. I loved what we were able to capture, and I’m so honored and privileged to have her as an #ALLEEJSENIOR. Lillie, thank you so much for choosing ALLEEJ to photograph you in this exciting season of life, and congratulations on all thats coming your way with graduation and starting a new chapter in life! Enjoy the rest of senior year!!

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Devin is graduating from Texas Tech University and has BRIGHT things headed her way!! This girl is kind, smart, beautiful & involved. I loved getting to take her senior pictures, and am excited to see what she does in the future. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished and will accomplish, Devin! Thank you so much for choosing ALLEEJ as your senior photographer :).

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