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The Girl Behind The Lens

Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by :). My name is Alexandra Joplin and I am the owner and photographer behind ALLEEJ. My heart is to capture true raw emotion whether it’s the excitement of being engaged, the joy of finally marrying the man/woman of your dreams, or the sheer relief and enthusiasm that comes with an approaching graduation. For me, photography is so much more than a picture. It’s a season, a memory, an emotion, and an open door to always go back and remember. I cherish the pictures my parents have kept, and it has shown me the value of print. Pictures have the power to take me back to my loved ones who are gone, remind me of those last years in grade school, and relive the day I became Mrs. Joplin. To me, photography is a treasure, and is something that I do with 100% of my heart. I am blessed by every person who trusts me with preserving their memories. Your story is a gift to me, and I will capture it as if it were my own.

All of my Heart,

Alexandra Lee Joplin