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Kylee Martin | Bridals

Kylee made the most beautiful bride. This beautiful soul is joyful, kind, and she glows inside out. We shot her bridal session on a dreary & cold December day. I usually reschedule in these conditions, because delicious light is a must in my opinion; however, Lubbock has a way of being iffy and when weather on your app says its going to be 70 degrees and sunny… sometimes its 60 degrees and cloudy ;). This girl was a trooper though, and powered through the cold, and I loved what was captured. Kylee you are lovely!! Congratulations on marrying the man of your dreams this past weekend, and thank you for giving me the honor of photographing this journey for you!

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JaeDee Elam | Bridals

JaeDee is a married woman! This beautiful woman married the love of her life on June 25th, 2016 at the Legacy Event Center. About a month before her wedding day, JaeDee got all dressed up with her mom’s help and we spent some time at the Garden Arts Center taking her bridal portraits! I loved the bracelet and gold ring that she wore as something borrowed from the women in her life, and the mixture of the “new” with her gorgeous ring and Kendra Scott earrings. We had so much fun taking her bridal portraits, and I’m so excited to share pictures from their wedding day but for now — enjoy JaeDee’s bridal portraits!! JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0003 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0034JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0006 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0002JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0007 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0004 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0008 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0009 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0010 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0011 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0013 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0014 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0015 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0016 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0017 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0018 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0019 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0020 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0021JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0029JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0033 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0022JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0023 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0025JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0024 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0026JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0027 JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0028JaeDeeElam_BRIDALS_0030

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Meagan Bynum | Bridals

Meagan made such a lovely bride!! I loved going out to Walnut Tree in Olton, Tx to take her bridal portraits. The lighting was soft, her bridal look matched the venue’s simplistic beauty, and her dress was so so beautiful. The lace detail on her dress, so elegant and timeless, matched with the champagne/taupe silk ribbon, tied it all together perfectly. This session was so sweet and fun, and I’m so grateful to work with such gracious people! MeganSchroeder_0024 MeganSchroeder_0022 MeganSchroeder_0021 MeganSchroeder_0020MeganSchroeder_0014MeganSchroeder_0019MeganSchroeder_0023 MeganSchroeder_0018MeganSchroeder_0025 MeganSchroeder_0016 MeganSchroeder_0015 MeganSchroeder_0011 MeganSchroeder_0012MeganSchroeder_0030 MeganSchroeder_0008 MeganSchroeder_0007 MeganSchroeder_0006MeganSchroeder_0004 MeganSchroeder_0005  MeganSchroeder_0003 MeganSchroeder_0002 MeganSchroeder_0001 MeganSchroeder_0027MeganSchroeder_0029 MeganSchroeder_0028

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