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Love will set you FREE | Rustington, England 2016


After a few days in Ireland, viagra buy we packed our bags & caught a ferry that would boat us over to Wales at a port in Holyhead. We had made friends with our taxi driver the first day we landed in London, and he was kind enough to drive out to Powerscourt resort, pick us up, and take us back into the Dublin area, showing us some sites as we made our way to the pier. Unfortunately, Jason had to go back home to make the monies, so we didn’t to have the joy of experiencing England with him. As Vanessa hugged her hubby bye, we made our way to the Jonathan Swift Ferry that greeted us with complimentary breakfast and comfy seats. When we arrived into Wales (my father’s family heritage / homeland!) we instantly had the fear of… “what in the world are we thinking”… “are we seriously about to take a people mover across England”. Continuing with the smooth travels, we got our rental car, and quickly named it ” The TERD” which provided some good laughs and comfort as Randall navigated us through England. The English countryside was BREATHTAKING. Instantly, we noticed a difference between the Irish countryside and English. There were so many large rolling fields, full of grains, grass, and sheep. The towns were so quaint and bright, full of cobblestone streets and luscious hanging flower baskets. We were so sad we didn’t have time to pop in and out of each little town we passed through, although, Randall pulled such a “bro move” and pulled over so I could run through the English wheat fields…. to our sad discovery, their thicket bushes are not something you want to crawl through. The English have their beautiful fields on LOCK DOWN!! As we approached Oxford, I think it’s safe to say that all of us were craving for more time to be able to explore the small city, buzzing with university students and history begging to be told. Oxford is now on my bucket list to return to and spend more time at. We grabbed dinner, returned the beloved “TERD”, and grabbed the Tube to take us to our Holiday Inn in Newbury Park (just a little… maybe a lot.. outside of London). We arrived to the ghetto, checked in, and quickly fell asleep excited to explore London the next day and experience the opening night of London Hillsong Conference 2016. To read more about our trip… you’ll have to look for the story throughout the pictures ;).


Also, God ROCKED our worlds on this trip. Ireland was a blast sight seeing, learning, and growing in friendship with the lovely friends we traveled with. London bonded our hearts together. Jesus spoke to our hearts in such a profound way. Scroll down to read all about it…

LONDON2016_0001 LONDON2016_0002 LONDON2016_0003 LONDON2016_0004

(Picture above): Our taxi cab friend!! He was so great. // (Picture below): Vanessa saying bye to J (don’t leave us Jason!!) 

LONDON2016_0005 LONDON2016_0006 LONDON2016_0007 LONDON2016_0008 LONDON2016_0009 LONDON2016_0010 LONDON2016_0011 LONDON2016_0012

THE TERD … Brown, Large, and in Charge.

LONDON2016_0013 LONDON2016_0014

I felt like this should have been on the back of our car…. Although, Randall OWNED the English roads. I was SO IMPRESSED.


Note to self: If / When I return oversees, I will not buy your expensive Data, AT&T. I surely will not. Nope. Instead, I have discovered the promise land of International Data. The Vodoafone.

LONDON2016_0016 LONDON2016_0017

Quick stop for dinner in Oxford!!

LONDON2016_0018 LONDON2016_0019 LONDON2016_0020

Where are you Bear??!


This is the tube station we got on and off of everyday to get to our destinations in the area!! We all really missed the ability to hang out for however long we wanted in a home. When you stay in a hotel, you just don’t get the same richness. Airbnb ALL THE WAY!!

LONDON2016_0022 LONDON2016_0023

I spy Lucas … Dita, where are you? We loved seeing our friends from Czech in the mornings, and experiencing the Hillsong conference with them!!

LONDON2016_0024 LONDON2016_0025 LONDON2016_0026 LONDON2016_0027 LONDON2016_0028 LONDON2016_0029 LONDON2016_0030 LONDON2016_0031 LONDON2016_0032 LONDON2016_0033 LONDON2016_0034 LONDON2016_0035 LONDON2016_0036 LONDON2016_0037 LONDON2016_0038 LONDON2016_0039 LONDON2016_0040 LONDON2016_0041 LONDON2016_0042 LONDON2016_0043 LONDON2016_0044 LONDON2016_0045 LONDON2016_0046 LONDON2016_0047 LONDON2016_0048 LONDON2016_0049 LONDON2016_0050 LONDON2016_0051 LONDON2016_0052 LONDON2016_0053

Happy Birthday to Vanessa!!!! It was SO FUN to experience the Louis Vuitton purse purchase experience in London with her. <3 And at a impeccable deal might I add. Hello pound to the dollar. We love you right now!! Thanks for being so kind to us.

LONDON2016_0054 LONDON2016_0055 LONDON2016_0056 LONDON2016_0057 LONDON2016_0058 LONDON2016_0059

Picnic in the Park with National award winning fish and chips!! Dusty even ate them and liked them!! Now… that’s saying something. Poppies, you were yummy.


We LOVED stumbling upon the Spitalfields Market!!! This place was full of food trucks, treasures, and culture! A favorite experience in London for sure.LONDON2016_0061 LONDON2016_0062 LONDON2016_0063 LONDON2016_0064 LONDON2016_0065

I bought an old photographs album to print and place all of my London Pictures in!! Thank to V for the awesome idea.

LONDON2016_0066 LONDON2016_0067 LONDON2016_0068 LONDON2016_0069 LONDON2016_0070

The O2 Arena!! We were here every morning and evening for the Hillsong London Conference 2016! The first night, Brian Houston spoke & the moment he opened his mouth you could feel the anointing on him. During worship, fear fell off of me. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about going to a huge Christian Conference, in a publicly known location, with all that’s been going on in the world. In fact, many from Normandy gathered at the conference. It was so encouraging to my spirit to worship along side them. We will not fall subject to fear. We will love. We will unite. We will not cower back. We will praise the wonderful name of Jesus. 

LONDON2016_0071 LONDON2016_0072 LONDON2016_0073 LONDON2016_0074


LONDON2016_0075 LONDON2016_0076

The next morning, we had floor seats!! They divided groups with color wristbands, and your color rotated throughout the arena with each session. That way, you had the opportunity to experience the conference from multiple viewpoints!! This day, Steven Furtick preached & Jesus completely rocked our world.

He put my guilt and doubts away, and silenced the enemy. To be honest, I felt a little guilty about getting to go on such an amazing trip, see so many dreams come to fruition, have part of the trip costs covered, and didn’t feel worthy of such good things to come my way. I felt it was a little unfair to be honest. But the Lord assured me, “YOU BELONG HERE” over and over again.

Pastor Furtick talked about our dreams. My husband dreams big. I tend to hold myself back from dreaming big things, because I feel bad to ask big things. Again… feeling undeserving to ask or step into greater. But in those dreams, sometimes (or a lot of times) there’s a feeling of inadequacy. Steven preached about how we all have a “glitch”. Paul had a “glitch”. Paul was a great writer, but not a great speaker. The thing that was Paul’s “Glitch” actually served to release his gift. If Paul was a great speaker, he may not have written the letters of the gospel we so desperately need. “Sometimes it’s what God withholds from you in one season — is what makes you fit for the next”. 

Boom. Mind. Blown.

LONDON2016_0077 LONDON2016_0078 LONDON2016_0079 LONDON2016_0080 LONDON2016_0081 LONDON2016_0082

Buckingham palace was basically empty!! It was the weirdest thing, but we didn’t mind one bit!! We got right up to the gate, and were able to get some great pictures with the queen ;). Just kidding, but she was home (hence the flag).

LONDON2016_0083 LONDON2016_0084 LONDON2016_0085 LONDON2016_0086 LONDON2016_0087 LONDON2016_0088 LONDON2016_0089LONDON2016_0090 LONDON2016_0091 LONDON2016_0092 LONDON2016_0093 LONDON2016_0094 LONDON2016_0095 LONDON2016_0096 LONDON2016_0097 LONDON2016_0098 LONDON2016_0099 LONDON2016_0100 LONDON2016_0101 LONDON2016_0102

After seeing the Palace and quickly running through Harrods, we took the tube back to the O2 for the second evening of the conference!! Steven Furtick brought the word again, and what he spoke was something the Lord would continue to bring up in our time in England. It’s something I’ve brought home with me and will likely be digesting for awhile. A few quotes from his sermon that hit me hard…


“Sometimes saying you’re living in faith is really living in denial. We need to face our issues. If we are struggling with finances, we need to make a budget. We can see faith as a way to escape our situations, and it becomes and excuse. Abraham faced it. He knew his situation. He was old and had no kids, but was promised to be a father of may nations. It’s not faith to live in denial. If you’re broken or disappointment you can tell him (insert, me raising my hearts hand, taking ownership for that conviction).

“It is what it is” – Faith cannot fix what you will not face. You have to have the faith to say the truth of where you are. To not hide or deny. The faith enables us to face our situation without shame. I’ve got promises I’m believing God for that have not come to pass. I’m not going to live in denial, so we as that he help us and give us perspective!!!

Abraham thought with more and more time that passed, He was further and further away from God’s promise to him. But God knew, that the more and more time that passed, the closer he was to the promise being fulfilled.

If you don’t know what you want, don’t expect God to give it to you. Ask BIG THINGS. Don’t minimize your ask. Dream BIG DREAMS. However, know that you will not have a lot of cheerleaders. People will ask, “who do you think you are?”

God showed us the mustard seed as the Kingdom to show us the POWER OF POTENTIAL.

LONDON2016_0103 LONDON2016_0104 LONDON2016_0105 LONDON2016_0106 LONDON2016_0107


LONDON2016_0108 LONDON2016_0109 LONDON2016_0110 LONDON2016_0111

The Beafeaters Tour at the London Tower was SO GOOD.Highly recommend it.

LONDON2016_0112 LONDON2016_0113 LONDON2016_0114 LONDON2016_0115 LONDON2016_0116 LONDON2016_0117 LONDON2016_0118 LONDON2016_0119 LONDON2016_0120 LONDON2016_0121 LONDON2016_0122 LONDON2016_0123 LONDON2016_0124 LONDON2016_0125 LONDON2016_0126 LONDON2016_0127 LONDON2016_0128 LONDON2016_0129 LONDON2016_0130 LONDON2016_0131 LONDON2016_0132 LONDON2016_0133 LONDON2016_0134 LONDON2016_0135 LONDON2016_0136 LONDON2016_0137 LONDON2016_0138 LONDON2016_0139 LONDON2016_0140 LONDON2016_0141 LONDON2016_0142 LONDON2016_0143 LONDON2016_0144 LONDON2016_0145 LONDON2016_0146 LONDON2016_0147LONDON2016_0148  LONDON2016_0149LONDON2016_0151LONDON2016_0150LONDON2016_0152DICKSON+ORCHARDWEDDINGS+AZELTX+WEDDINGPHOTOGRAPHY+OUTDOORWEDDING+TIMELESS_0849 LONDON2016_0155LONDON2016_0156LONDON2016_0153


Steven Furtick & Eric Macmanus’ sermons kind of ran together for me at the end… I don’t remember what content was from who, but the gist of what I got from the rest of the conference was..


God wants us to ask for what we want. He is a generous God. We don’t want to be like the woman in scripture who was told to go gather as many jars as she could. She only gathered a few, and missed the opportunity to receive more. Once all of the jars were filled, the oil stopped flowing.

One of the biggest things said that gave me SO MUCH FREEDOM, was when Furtick talked about the blind man. He was given a garment that gave him permission to beg in the city. This gave him provision for food day to day. However, the blind man, in faith dropped his garment before walking to Jesus to ask for his healing. IN FAITH, he left behind what defined him, what gave him physical provision, his daily bread… and he approached Jesus leaving his garments behind believing He would heal him. We were asked, “What garments do you need to lay down?”

For me, a garment of disappointment. A garment of Fear. A garment that didn’t want to dream big dreams, or ask big things, or have faith for impossible things because I didn’t want to open up the avenue for disappointment. Or to potentially embarrass God if he didn’t come through for me. Believing “who are you” to ask for such things & to BELIEVE Him for them??

All of that… Gone.

Garment, laid down. Tossed aside. No longer something I will chose to wear.

The thing is… “It is what it is”… My situation is my situation. I can’t deny the reality of my situations, or the condition of my heart.

But… “It’s not what it seems”…. I can have faith for the IMPOSSIBLE. It isn’t want it seems. It doesn’t have to be!! But it’s a choice to ask big asks. To dream bigger than your present reality. To tap into Faith that allows freedom, that changes perspectives, that heals, and supernaturally provides.

The Lord would continue to work on this in my heart as we left London and traveled to Rustington, England to help Arun Community Church with their community outreach week. Stay tuned.

He is so kind. He is so good. He is so faithful.

I can confidently say, that this was all MUCH MORE than a “trip”… these two weeks were perspective changing, heart healing, & ground breaking. I have never experienced God speak so powerfully, clearly, and through so many different sources to tie together a big picture message, heal my heart, and set my feet back on solid ground. I am SO THANKFUL.


What makes your heart come alive?

For me, it’s traveling, friendships that are vulnerable and share all parts of life, meaningful conversations around the table, standing on the shore – feet in the sand – looking out to the ocean, stargazing (stars make me cry), being in the quite of the mountains with it’s fresh + crisp morning air. It’s time spent with family, making memories and laughing together. It’s dancing, worshiping, creating, and expressing myself from a deep place with no limitations or fear. It’s when I am immersed in love and sense a place of belonging. A place of “enough”. A place of confidence & assurance.

As we traveled, through Ireland – across the sea – and through Europe, it was like my heart was hooked up to an IV of all that makes my heart come alive. All that awakens me to the richness of life – love – and to the deep parts of myself.

Rustington was the final chapter of our adventure. A small town on the east coast of England, that waves at France from the English channel. We had NO IDEA what was waiting for us when we got there, but I can honestly say it will forever hold a special place in my heart. A landmark of the Lord’s goodness.


We drove with our team from London, to Rustington/Little Hampton, and when we arrived, we met a group of people that so graciously volunteered to host individual team members from Lubbock, TX in their English homes. Unbeknownst to us, our host home couldn’t host us at the last minute. A lovely couple by the name of Paul & Pippa Smith stepped up and welcomed us into their warm & humble home.

The moment we stepped into their home, it was as if my heart knew – you can breath deep here. You can belong here. You can rest here. Just as a home should feel – welcoming & cozy- a place to just “be”.

Paul & Pippa are DELIGHTFUL. One of my favorite & most impacting experiences of the entire journey was being in their company, and in their home. As we talked with them over lunch, over a walk along the pier + delicious ice cream, and a warm cup of afternoon English tea, my husband Dusty and I were wide-eyed at how much we resonated with their life story. It was like writing in the sky saying, “This connection is not by accident, or coincidence. Indeed, the Lord had planned this all along.”

I’m eternally grateful for Paul & Pippa. Their open home, their joy, & Pippa’s open & vulnerable heart created space for the Lord to do an incredible work in my heart specifically.

Rustington2016_0004 Rustington2016_0005 Rustington2016_0006 Rustington2016_0007 Rustington2016_0008 Rustington2016_0009

The tide takes the water out really far each afternoon. By later in the day, the tide will quickly come back in & the water will be back up to the shoreline. Rustington2016_0010 Rustington2016_0011

Picture with Pippa & Paul the first afternoon we met them! 


Paige & Josh Allen were our leaders for the time we were in Rustington. They would pick each member up from their host home and drop us off each day. After spending the afternoon with our host homes, they gathered the troops and took us out for Fish & Chips by the pier. Rustington2016_0013 Rustington2016_0014

Our team!! There were 15 of us from Church on the Rock in Lubbock, TX who went on a mission trip to Rustington. This was our first trip ever to serve in Rustington, so we didn’t really know what to expect. We knew we would be working with Arun Church & helping with their outreach week, but didn’t know any specifics. I can say for all of us, it was nothing we expected as it looked way different than what we all think “mission” trips have to look like (serving in hard areas, poverty, going 100mph all day, etc.). This mission trip was even more than we could have ever expected and the Lord rocked all of our hearts, minds, and world views. It was incredibly slow paced, which opened up a lot of opportunity to connect, rest, listen to the Lord, and to give and receive at the same time. Dusty and I unfortunately could only do 4 full days of the trip (I had to get back home for a wedding), but in those 4 short days my heart was healed and changed. I prayed to bring “joy” into this trip, to serve the church of England with a freshness, with hope, and encouragement; however, I’m not sure that I offered anything… Instead, I was the one that was encouraged, tasted joy, and left with a freshness & new faith & hope!!


This is Harvey. The PRETTIEST PUP I’VE EVER SEEN. Rustington2016_0016 Rustington2016_0017 Rustington2016_0018 Rustington2016_0019 Rustington2016_0020 Rustington2016_0021 Rustington2016_0022 Rustington2016_0023 Rustington2016_0024 Rustington2016_0025 Rustington2016_0026 Rustington2016_0027 Rustington2016_0028 Rustington2016_0029 Rustington2016_0030

Did you know that the swans are protected by the Queen? She owns all of the swans in England!! Rustington2016_0031 Rustington2016_0032

Our team’s time in England was to serve the Arun Community Church, and help them with their big outreach week. The church put’s on a kid’s camp from 9-noon for 5 days that includes a lot of FUN: games, dance, crafts, and songs about Jesus & his joy that many of the kids have not heard of..

(cue the tears… watching kids sing about letting their light shine, and being loving and kind WRECKED this girl).

The camp was held at the the church’s gathering location – Little Hampton Community – A primary school building. Inside the school, there is a chapel for students to come and “be” no matter what religion they identify with or if they don’t identify to one at all. — This is from the school’s website about their chapel…

Paul Sanderson, our Chaplain, writes:  Our Chapel has been created as a place for students and staff to come and ‘be’.  There is a lot to do when we are working and learning and that is good but sometimes we just need to ‘be’.  Its part of us as human beings that sometimes gets forgotten.  So if you are suffering or celebrating, feeling great or in a state, come and make time to ‘be’ in the Chapel.Rustington2016_0033 Rustington2016_0034

I felt this was a really neat and beneficial thing for the school. It was so moving to see all of these precious kid’s prayers. Some were heartbreaking, some were hope-filled, but they all lead to a similar desire — love.

& God.. IS LOVE.


Dusty got “Gunged” at camp on our last day with the team. A slimy concoction that gets dumped on the leader who’s name has been entered the most by all of the kids at the camp.  Rustington2016_0036 Rustington2016_0037On our third afternoon in Rustington, we were invited to have proper cream tea in a lovely couple’s home. Norman & Grace Barne’s are Kingdom mover’s and shakers in the Faith, & being in their home was such an honor. Grace had an amazing spread for us complete with biscuits, cakes, sandwiches, and English tea served in her best china.

Norman & Grace have been pastors + traveling missionaries + founder’s of LINKS International + and have influence MANY around the world through the Lord’s love and gospel. I sat on this seat in their home that is from Ghana, Africa. It’s an African Ashanti promise seat. As I was sitting here, in my heart, Iasked Jesus to remind me of a promise He’s made to me, & to let me know that He see’s me. Unknown to Norman, he prayed over our team, and as he prayed of Dusty and I he told me that the Lord wanted to remind me of a promise that He has made to me. The promise was that In Him (Christ) NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE, that HE CAN do ALL things.

The Lord knew that the promise I needed to be reminded of, was the promise that He is God. He is Good. That his character never changes. HE can do the impossible. My faith rose as tears fell down my face, as Jesus spoke to the deep parts of my hear that were suffering, dying due to doubt, fear, and disappointment. Shackles began to fall off.

Then this nugget of wisdom came out of Norman’s mouth, “The issue is NOT the issue. The ISSUE is WHAT DOES GOD SAY?” — This will now replay in my mind every time an issue that’s “impossible” arises, or a place that seems hopeless is on my journey. I will have FAITH for what I hope for, assurance of what I do not see… “It is what it is, but it’s not what it seems.” – “The issue is not the issue, the issue is: What does God say?”

Then Norman said to me, “Jesus wants you to know that He see’s you and is near, that He’s never left you… even in your heartache, even in your brokenness, He has always been there.

It was in that moment that I dropped the chains that I had been holding onto. I dropped the grave clothes I had chosen to wear. I dropped the doubt, fear, and disappointment. My Jesus gently wrapped his hands around my heart, and breathed life & light back into all the places that were dark, dead, and distant.


The last day we were in England, after our time singing with Kids and serving the church at the camp, they had us over to one of the member’s homes for a big “Texas size” cookout!!! WOW. Delicious. They had a full spread and we all felt so spoiled as we ate, enjoyed conversation, played soccer, and grew in friendship with our brothers & sisters from England… I think at this point we were all feeling a connection with this community of believers like no other. It was as if these people, their hearts, the church’s vision & dreams, was but a mirror reflection of who we are at COTR back home. We connected so quickly, and were deeply encouraged & honored by all that they did to serve us, when WE were there to SERVE THEM!! Oh, the beauty of the gospel. Oh, the beauty of unity.

Oh, the beauty of love that transcends time, places, backgrounds, races, etc..

A love that can unify hearts from one tiny town to another from across the world. Rustington2016_0040 Rustington2016_0041 Rustington2016_0042 Rustington2016_0043 Rustington2016_0044 Rustington2016_0045 Rustington2016_0046 Rustington2016_0047

We were so sad to have to leave early. My heart is already hurting to go back. To see the familiar faces, and talk with friends that have forever left an imprint on my heart. The church we worked with is planning on sending a group to Texas, and I cannot wait to show them the same hospitality that was shown to us. We left so free. So loved. So encouraged. So FULL.

Thank you Jesus, for taking me on an adventure that created space for you to speak, set my heart free, and awaken deep desire in my heart. Thank you Jesus for your love. Rustington2016_0048

My precious cousin & this cool cat named Braden took turns taking care of our home & pup’s while we were gone. They were so well taken care of they didn’t even miss us when we got home ;). Rustington2016_0049

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Ireland 2016

I love taking pictures on bright, buy information pills sun-filled, and days! There’s just something magical when that light peaks through and adds so much life to an image. When we rescheduled Kait + Zach’s engagement session a few times, and then still ended up with a rainy day at the greenhouse, I was so glad they decided to hold off on the rest of the session and reschedule once more. We finally hit the sunshine luck and had a BEAUTIFUL evening to finish their engagement session at the Garden Arts Center, and ended out in a beautiful golden field. The couple’s outfits were on point (how about that red dress at the end?!? STUNNING!!), and I LOVE how sweet & fun Kait+Zach are together. I had a blast laughing with these two and chasing light to wrap up a wonderful engagement session. I am so excited for their November wedding coming up, and even more excited for the two of them to experience married life (It’s the best). Congratulations to these two love birds!! If you missed Part 1 of their engagement session in a greenhouse, you can see it HERE.


The Balooba’s Take Ireland 2016

On July 21st, Dusty (my husband) and two of our couple friends (Kyla & Randall Osborne + Vanessa & Jason Brandiger) took an adventure to Dublin, Ireland! This was the first portion of a two week long trip that took us over West Ireland, across the Irish Sea, through Wales into England, and ended with a few days in London, and a few final days in Rustington England. This is Part 1 of 3 posts, so be on the lookout for following posts. If you have any questions about our travels in Ireland, comment on this post! These pictures are a mixture of Iphone Images + my Canon 5D Mk3 with the 35mm 1.4 lens. Enjoy!

IRELAND2016_0001 IRELAND2016_0002 IRELAND2016_0003 IRELAND2016_0004 IRELAND2016_0005

Landing in Dublin!!
We rented a precious renovated Airbnb in the Stoneybatter area of Dublin. It was a PERFECT location, walking distance to all of the sites, and a great way to experience the city like a local. We all loved being able to hang out in the kitchen until the wee hours, and being able to walk up to our room's whenever we wanted. It's so much better doing vacations this way, in my opinion. 🙂 Our hosts were Simon & Alexandra! They were great hosts, were very helpful and friendly. We loved staying in their home!

IRELAND2016_0006 IRELAND2016_0007 IRELAND2016_0008 IRELAND2016_0009 IRELAND2016_0010 IRELAND2016_0011 IRELAND2016_0012 IRELAND2016_0013 IRELAND2016_0014 IRELAND2016_0015 IRELAND2016_0016 IRELAND2016_0017 IRELAND2016_0018 IRELAND2016_0019 IRELAND2016_0020 IRELAND2016_0021 IRELAND2016_0022 IRELAND2016_0023 IRELAND2016_0024 IRELAND2016_0025 IRELAND2016_0026 IRELAND2016_0027

We arrived to Dublin early in the morning, so we stopped at Cowtown Cafe for some breakfast before heading to see Trinity College! IRELAND2016_0028 IRELAND2016_0029 IRELAND2016_0030 IRELAND2016_0031


IRELAND2016_0032 IRELAND2016_0033 IRELAND2016_0034 IRELAND2016_0035.

These signs on the street were SO HELPFUL. YIKEss..

IRELAND2016_0036 IRELAND2016_0037 IRELAND2016_0038 IRELAND2016_0039  IRELAND2016_0041 IRELAND2016_0042

After hearing how amazing Trinity College was, we decided to see it for ourselves!! It was truly magnificent.

IRELAND2016_0043 IRELAND2016_0044 IRELAND2016_0045IRELAND2016_0040 IRELAND2016_0046 IRELAND2016_0047 IRELAND2016_0048 IRELAND2016_0049 IRELAND2016_0050 IRELAND2016_0051 IRELAND2016_0052 IRELAND2016_0053

Vanessa watched a documentary that said Mulligans had the best pint of Guinness in Ireland. I have to agree, they were right. Who knew Guinness could actually taste good?

IRELAND2016_0054 IRELAND2016_0055 IRELAND2016_0056 IRELAND2016_0057 IRELAND2016_0058 IRELAND2016_0059 IRELAND2016_0060 IRELAND2016_0061 IRELAND2016_0062 IRELAND2016_0063 IRELAND2016_0064 IRELAND2016_0065 IRELAND2016_0066 IRELAND2016_0067 IRELAND2016_0068  IRELAND2016_0070IRELAND2016_0069 IRELAND2016_0071 IRELAND2016_0072 IRELAND2016_0073 IRELAND2016_0074 IRELAND2016_0075 IRELAND2016_0076 IRELAND2016_0077 IRELAND2016_0078  IRELAND2016_0080IRELAND2016_0079 IRELAND2016_0081 IRELAND2016_0082 IRELAND2016_0083 IRELAND2016_0084 IRELAND2016_0085 IRELAND2016_0086 IRELAND2016_0087 IRELAND2016_0088 IRELAND2016_0089 IRELAND2016_0090

We took a tour of the Guinness factory! It was a 5 story tour showing the process of how they make their beer, the history of the brand, how to pour the beer correctly, and it ended with a full 360 view of the city! It was a really neat tour full of history and information! I would recommend it.

IRELAND2016_0091  IRELAND2016_0093 IRELAND2016_0094 IRELAND2016_0095IRELAND2016_0114 IRELAND2016_0096 IRELAND2016_0097 IRELAND2016_0100 IRELAND2016_0099  IRELAND2016_0101 IRELAND2016_0102 IRELAND2016_0103 IRELAND2016_0104 IRELAND2016_0105 IRELAND2016_0106 IRELAND2016_0107 IRELAND2016_0108

After the tour we stopped into Arthur's for some lunch!! Delicious fish & chips & seafood chowder.

IRELAND2016_0109 IRELAND2016_0110 IRELAND2016_0111 IRELAND2016_0112 IRELAND2016_0113 IRELAND2016_0092 IRELAND2016_0115

St. Patrick's Cathedral was absolutely stunning & full of history.

IRELAND2016_0116 IRELAND2016_0117 IRELAND2016_0118 IRELAND2016_0119 IRELAND2016_0120 IRELAND2016_0121 IRELAND2016_0122 IRELAND2016_0123 IRELAND2016_0124 IRELAND2016_0125 IRELAND2016_0126 IRELAND2016_0127 IRELAND2016_0128 IRELAND2016_0129 IRELAND2016_0130 IRELAND2016_0131 IRELAND2016_0132 IRELAND2016_0133 IRELAND2016_0134 IRELAND2016_0135

At the end of the day, we did a tour at the only operating whisky distillery in Dublin! Teeling has been around for years, but just opened their distillery a year ago in Dublin. The first new distillery in Dublin in 125 years.

IRELAND2016_0136 IRELAND2016_0137 IRELAND2016_0138

For dinner, we tried out Mulligan's restaurant that was right down the street from our Airbnb. The first mulligan's we went to was just a pup. This was a gastropub and probably all of our favorite meal/dinner experiences of the trip!! It was such a cool atmosphere, and had DELICIOUS food!

IRELAND2016_0139 IRELAND2016_0140 IRELAND2016_0141 IRELAND2016_0142 IRELAND2016_0143 IRELAND2016_0144 IRELAND2016_0145 IRELAND2016_0146

On Sunday, we did a day tour to see the Cliffs of Moher. The bus took us on a 3 hour journey to the West coast of Ireland & made a stop in a quaint little town, then to some "mini cliffs" that were still very large, then to another quaint town for lunch, and finally to the cliffs that are a mere 700FOOT drop!!! Have you ever seen Princess Bride? Remember the "cliffs of Insanity" ... yep.. it was those.. and yes... they were INSANE! Pictures don't do them justice.

IRELAND2016_0147 IRELAND2016_0148 IRELAND2016_0149 IRELAND2016_0150 IRELAND2016_0151 IRELAND2016_0152 IRELAND2016_0153 IRELAND2016_0154 IRELAND2016_0155 IRELAND2016_0156 IRELAND2016_0157 IRELAND2016_0158 IRELAND2016_0159 IRELAND2016_0160 IRELAND2016_0161 IRELAND2016_0162

Although the miles of stone walls you see through the countryside of Ireland look quite charming, there is a sad story behind them. These walls were made during the potato famine in the mid 1800's to earn food.

IRELAND2016_0163 IRELAND2016_0164 IRELAND2016_0165 IRELAND2016_0166 IRELAND2016_0167 IRELAND2016_0168 IRELAND2016_0169 IRELAND2016_0170 IRELAND2016_0171 IRELAND2016_0172 IRELAND2016_0173 IRELAND2016_0174  IRELAND2016_0176 IRELAND2016_0177 IRELAND2016_0178 IRELAND2016_0179 IRELAND2016_0180 IRELAND2016_0181 IRELAND2016_0182 IRELAND2016_0183 IRELAND2016_0184 IRELAND2016_0185 IRELAND2016_0186 IRELAND2016_0187 IRELAND2016_0188 IRELAND2016_0189 IRELAND2016_0190 IRELAND2016_0191 IRELAND2016_0192 IRELAND2016_0193 IRELAND2016_0194 IRELAND2016_0195 IRELAND2016_0196 IRELAND2016_0197

Our last day in Ireland, we couldn't stay at our lovely Airbnb due to another family coming in. This sent us on a search of where to stay! Randall's mom had suggested the Ritz Carlton in Ireland. It's known to be pretty affordable for what it is, and she said it was a must so obviously we said... DUH!! Of course we will go stay a night at the Powerscourt for a great price. It was such a fun experience. We got to see the beauty of Ireland outside of the city, it was only about 40min from Dublin, and it contains the 3rd best garden in the world on it's grounds!! It was the perfect way to relax & finish our time in Ireland.

IRELAND2016_0198 IRELAND2016_0199 IRELAND2016_0200 IRELAND2016_0201 IRELAND2016_0202 IRELAND2016_0203 IRELAND2016_0204 IRELAND2016_0205 IRELAND2016_0206 IRELAND2016_0207 IRELAND2016_0208 IRELAND2016_0209 IRELAND2016_0210 IRELAND2016_0211 IRELAND2016_0212 IRELAND2016_0213 IRELAND2016_0214 IRELAND2016_0215 IRELAND2016_0216 IRELAND2016_0217 IRELAND2016_0218 IRELAND2016_0219 IRELAND2016_0220 IRELAND2016_0221 IRELAND2016_0222 IRELAND2016_0223 IRELAND2016_0224 IRELAND2016_0225 IRELAND2016_0226

The roses in the garden were so dreamy and smelt SO heavenly!!!IRELAND2016_0227 IRELAND2016_0228IRELAND2016_0232 IRELAND2016_0229 IRELAND2016_0230 IRELAND2016_0231  IRELAND2016_0233 IRELAND2016_0234 IRELAND2016_0235 IRELAND2016_0236 IRELAND2016_0237 IRELAND2016_0238 IRELAND2016_0239

In the Powerscourt Gardens you will find the largest private pet cemetery in Ireland, which is the resting place of the much loved pets of the Wingfield and Slazenger families.

IRELAND2016_0240 IRELAND2016_0241 IRELAND2016_0242 IRELAND2016_0243 IRELAND2016_0244 IRELAND2016_0245 IRELAND2016_0246 IRELAND2016_0247 IRELAND2016_0248 IRELAND2016_0249 IRELAND2016_0250 IRELAND2016_0251 IRELAND2016_0252 IRELAND2016_0253 IRELAND2016_0254 IRELAND2016_0255 IRELAND2016_0256 IRELAND2016_0257 IRELAND2016_0258 IRELAND2016_0259 IRELAND2016_0260 IRELAND2016_0261 IRELAND2016_0262 IRELAND2016_0263 IRELAND2016_0264 IRELAND2016_0265 IRELAND2016_0266

Our last day in Ireland was the perfect way to end a wonderful time in the Irish country!! The next day we would catch a ferry & boat over to Holyhead in Wales to continue our journey onto London, England! Stay tuned for part 2 :).

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The Story of the Bee

There is so much for me to love about McKenna’s senior session from last week! This girl is sweet, stomach kind, seek beautiful, cost smart, and has an awesome taste in style+fashion! I am OBSESSED with her prom dress- pictures at the end of the blog!!  McKenna is a senior from Floydada and made a little trip into Lubbock with her sister Evan for me to take her senior pictures. Last year, I photographed an amazing young man named Hunter & he and McKenna were very close friends. It was so special to remember my time with him while photographing McKenna.. knowing that she carries a piece of him in her heart as well. This girl is going to do great things in life. She is driven, optimistic, compassionate, she has fun, and enjoys life with a fullness. I believe that whatever she ends up doing, wherever she goes, her life will be lived savoring each moment and loving people deeply and more fully because of who she is naturally and the friendship she had with Hunter. You are a special young woman, McKenna. It was a true pleasure taking your pictures, and I sincerely enjoyed my time with you and your sister! You both are precious! Congratulations on your senior year- enjoy what is left of it!!


ALLEEJ is not just a photography business. It’s more than a business.. it’s a story created to tell your stories.

You and I.. we all have stories. We all have moments of defining. Moments that are life changing and heart molding.

You may have wondered, what’s the purpose behind the bee? If I can take a moment of your time, this is a story that I believe will bless you as it has me.

I love symbolism and the mystery it holds. Here is a story filled with the intentionality of Christ . A story where the evidence of Jesus’ love is unmistakable. So sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy a read that I believe will truly touch you, as it continues to touch lives around the world.




I attended Lubbock-Cooper ISD all of my childhood. My mother was (and still is) a kindergarten teacher at the school. Her career provided me with some of my favorite memories. Playing with friends who’s parents also taught at the school was sometimes better than recess. We had the whole school to ourselves. The whole playground to do whatever we wanted. As a fourth grader, my friend and I had a ritual of going to a specific teacher’s classroom. We would go to this classroom for my friend to exchange letters with our teacher’s daughter. It was a sweet pen pal friendship between a high school girl, and her greatest 4th grade admirer, who happened to share the same name. The young high school girl always had lady bugs on her letters to my friend. My friend’s signature back.. a bee.



Fast forward 7 years.

Kelsey and I are about to enter into our senior year of High School. Out of all of my friends, Kelsey was the most sensitive, compassionate, goofy, and child-like. She was your go-to if you needed someone to understand, to listen, to make you laugh, give you a positive outlook, or to make you feel like $100 bucks. She loved photography, and took her camera everywhere. You could always count on Kelsey to capture the fun at baseball games, shear ridiculousness at the pool, and the memories you know you’ll want to hang onto. She lived a life building up others. She also lived a life of searching.. searching for the greater purpose.. for the greater love.. for the greater meaning. Growing up, she often asked me questions, needing me to provide wisdom or an answer. Summer of senior year, I realized it all clicked for her. She would ask questions, and be able to answer them with hope and faith in the Lords plan for her life. She had discovered the well that never runs dry. The source of wisdom that you could trust without having to understand.

Throughout the summer, Kelsey prayed every night for her dad to experience the love that she had experienced in Jesus. For a lot of Kelsey’s childhood, her father was not a believer. In 2006 the Lord met him, but there was still much he did not understand and areas he struggled with doubt. That summer, Kelsey also prayed for our High School. She believed the Lord had big things in store for the Cooper community.

 Little did she know.

She was right.

 September 1st, Kelsey discovered a verse in the bible that she really favored. She shared it with excitement to her boyfriend, a man that always pointed her to Jesus.

“Do not be afraid; just believe” – Mark 5:36

 These would be words for her family and loved ones. The passage is about a family who loses their daughter. These would be words to cling to and “Just believe”.

September 2nd, 2008, Kelsey came to school with a brand new outfit (that, of course, she offered for me to borrow), a camera, and a smile that never left her face. In student council that morning, Kelsey asked me to take a picture with her to remember our senior year. Little did I know, that would be our last picture together.

That afternoon, in our senior seminar class, Kelsey was the “first five leader”. She lead the class in roll call, and finished with a quote for the day. She had picked a bible verse in preparation for this day, and shared it with the class.

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.”

 – Matthew 6:35. 

 This would be the words of Christ that we, as a school, would cling to for hope in the days to come.

On her way home from school, Kelsey and her twin sister, Kayla were struck by a dump truck in oncoming traffic. Kelsey was killed on impact, and Kayla walked away with a hurt foot and some scratches.

This heart-wrenching reality absolutely shook the Lubbock-Cooper community. When the Lord had put a stirring in Kelsey’s heart that big things were going to happen at Cooper that year, she had no idea that it would be through her life and her death.




Through the course of the year, Thom, her father, sought out the Lord in a way he never had before. He grieved. He questioned. He doubted. & He discovered. What he found was hope. What he found was truth, healing, love. He found the love & faith she prayed he would experience.

“Oh death, where is your sting!!”

The truth & love of Christ, even in the midst of terrible pain & hopelessness, has the power to spring hope and life back into what was lost.

Thom began writing a book in 2007 about his spiritual journey. To my understanding, Thom always wanted to write and dreamed of publishing a book. He planned to have Kelsey read it one day to understand his past doubts. Her life, even in her death, encouraged the destiny and purpose the Lord created within Thom. The way I see it, her life lead him to his destiny.

In 2011, Thom published his first book: “Tragedy and Trust: Can you still TRUST God after losing a child?”

“This story is the journey of a family and a boyfriend – how they struggled with the issue of trust; how they individually and collectively resolved it. The answer did not come easily, nor did it come quickly. But with faith in God, come it did.”


Since then, Thom has released two more books, one in 2012, and the most recent in 2013.

Tragedy & Trust is being re-released through Tate Publishing in June! Thom is going to have a signing at Barns & Noble in Lubbock, TX on May 10th if you’d like a personalized copy! 🙂 

Thom now lives a life full of joy regardless of the circumstance. It’s evident in the new smile he wears. It’s a smile of hope.. a hope that only Jesus can give.. and the truth that his earth is temporary. The truth that there will be a joyous reunion one day, and we will all see Kelsey again.



Kelsey’s life was lived simply.

Kelsey didn’t live exalting herself. She truly lived out her days for the good of others. She always made sure you felt loved, and you knew you were loved.

Which made me think… “To live for yourself is to not live at all. However, to live with a heart set for others, is a life lived to the full.” 

Kelsey was my biggest cheerleader. She taught me the richness in being a bigger cheerleader for others than for yourself.

She taught me the sweetness in friendship that had no selfish ambitions. The richness and sweetness of a simple mind. Simple faith. Complete trust.

The message version of Matthew 6:34 says “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” 

Life is about people. It’s about loving. It’s so easy to get caught up with the stresses, anxiety, and worries of the future that sometimes we miss out on the present day.


The last picture we took together was on September 2nd, the morning of the day she passed away. This picture is priceless to me, and is a constant reminder to live in the moment. This picture instills the powerful reminder of what I have the opportunity to do on a daily basis. Why is photography so important? Because it captures life in a frame. It preserves a memory, takes you back to loved ones, celebrates life, and so much more… I approach photography with the legacy Kelsey left in mind. She is my inspiration, and a big part of “my why.”  I believe in photography because of the treasure I have in that last picture of us together. I believe in photography, because I believe life is worth celebrating, and your story is worth capturing.


FEBRUARY 22nd, 2012

 As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I was on a plane when the Lord gave me the idea of ALLEEJ. I was asking the Lord “why”… “why do I do photography… what’s the point.. what’s the purpose?” and what I saw was a bee. A hand drawn bee on a letter addressed to a pen-pal. Within the bee is an incredible story. A story of love, grief, hope, purpose, and restoration. A story that has defined me, molded me, and encouraged me to seek Christ and know Him more. A story that lead me to my destiny, that made me pick up a camera, and created a passion in me to preserve moments. Most of all, the bee is a story that has consistently shown me faithfulness of God, and the beauty of living for HIM & not for myself.



7 years before our Senior year, Kelsi Cook passed away due to a single vehicle car accident. 7 years after Kelsi’s passing, Kelsey Vines met Jesus just a few feet on the other side of the road. I like to picture the bee & the lady bug having a sweet reunion in the company of the one who loves them most.


To me, the bee is symbolic of preserving the sweetness of life through photographs. It is symbolic of the Lords promises, love, and faithfulness. 

If you took the time to read through this, thank you. Thank you for letting me share with you. I hope you benefited in some way from Kelsey’s story. I know it has forever changed me.

To Honor Kelsey’s legacy, and all of our after school math tutorial frustrations, I will be donating $15.00 to the KRV scholarship in the name of every Lubbock-Cooper High School Senior who has their pictures taken with me. Live a life that leaves a legacy in your schools. Love people, work hard, and be your classmates biggest cheerleader. I promise, it’s worth it. 



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