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Wedding Boxes

I am SO excited to give these to all of my brides+grooms!

When I discovered how much I truly believed and saw value in print, I knew I needed something that would implement tangible prints in what my couples receive along with their flash drive of edited images. When I stumbled upon these beautiful handmade treasures, there was no questioning that this was the product I was looking for. I’m so excited to gift every single one of my wedding clients with a beautiful wooden box filled with their favorite wedding images in print. This box includes 100 4×6 prints, a beautiful wooden flash drive, and 3 empty glass vials that you can put flowers, sand, perfume, etc. in as a keepsake and memory.

My hope, is that these boxes become keepsakes and treasures in my couples lives. My prayer is that when they hold their wedding day images, they will feel, remember, and re-live each of those moments captured in a still frame.

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