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Bailee+Jerod were married over the weekend!! To celebrate, drug enjoy some pictures from their engagement session!

Jenny+Chris | Engagements

Jennie + Chris are the cutest. Seriously, dosage yall… I couldn’t get enough of capturing these two! How they love, this interact, visit this site and praise one another… it warmed my heart to the core. So stinkin’ sweet.

To Jenny & Chris– Guys, never lose that. Throughout this journey of marriage: hug often, laugh daily, and praise one another- honoring one another with your words. I believe that’s something y’all do so well, so carry that through! It’s been such a joy capturing your love!

Jessica Holeman | Monterey H.S. SENIOR

Jessica is such a graceful & beautiful young woman!! I absolutely adored this girls senior session, and couldn’t get enough of her wonderful style :D. Jessica is incredibly sweet – you can see it in those pretty blue eyes! I am loving all of these amazing seniors I get to work with & I’m so grateful to capture such lovely people inside and out.


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