Maegan+Colson Craddick | Ruidoso, NM

OH my goodnesssssss!! This session you guys. Colson and I are 2nd cousins, and we’ve somewhat watched each other grow up. Seeing him all grown up and in love truly makes my heart SO HAPPY! On top of that, having the honor to photograph this journey for him and his lovely fiance’ Maegan truly makes my heart want to burst! When  they threw the idea of an engagement session in the mountains of Ruidoso, NM I was ALL IN! Fall weather, changing leaves, and a quick day trip to the mountains sounded like perfection… and I can tell you, it was! We got lucky with such lovely weather, and the lighting could not have been more perfect at every spot we went! I am so overjoyed for these guys, and truly thrilled to preserve such special memories for them. This session was a blast & I hope to make it to Ruidoso for more shoots in the future ;).        

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