Ireland 2016

The Balooba’s Take Ireland 2016

On July 21st, Dusty (my husband) and two of our couple friends (Kyla & Randall Osborne + Vanessa & Jason Brandiger) took an adventure to Dublin, Ireland! This was the first portion of a two week long trip that took us over West Ireland, across the Irish Sea, through Wales into England, and ended with a few days in London, and a few final days in Rustington England. This is Part 1 of 3 posts, so be on the lookout for following posts. If you have any questions about our travels in Ireland, comment on this post! These pictures are a mixture of Iphone Images + my Canon 5D Mk3 with the 35mm 1.4 lens. Enjoy!

IRELAND2016_0001 IRELAND2016_0002 IRELAND2016_0003 IRELAND2016_0004 IRELAND2016_0005

Landing in Dublin!! 
We rented a precious renovated Airbnb in the Stoneybatter area of Dublin. It was a PERFECT location, walking distance to all of the sites, and a great way to experience the city like a local. We all loved being able to hang out in the kitchen until the wee hours, and being able to walk up to our room's whenever we wanted. It's so much better doing vacations this way, in my opinion. 🙂 Our hosts were Simon & Alexandra! They were great hosts, were very helpful and friendly. We loved staying in their home!

IRELAND2016_0006 IRELAND2016_0007 IRELAND2016_0008 IRELAND2016_0009 IRELAND2016_0010 IRELAND2016_0011 IRELAND2016_0012 IRELAND2016_0013 IRELAND2016_0014 IRELAND2016_0015 IRELAND2016_0016 IRELAND2016_0017 IRELAND2016_0018 IRELAND2016_0019 IRELAND2016_0020 IRELAND2016_0021 IRELAND2016_0022 IRELAND2016_0023 IRELAND2016_0024 IRELAND2016_0025 IRELAND2016_0026 IRELAND2016_0027

We arrived to Dublin early in the morning, so we stopped at Cowtown Cafe for some breakfast before heading to see Trinity College! IRELAND2016_0028 IRELAND2016_0029 IRELAND2016_0030 IRELAND2016_0031


IRELAND2016_0032 IRELAND2016_0033 IRELAND2016_0034 IRELAND2016_0035.

These signs on the street were SO HELPFUL. YIKEss..

IRELAND2016_0036 IRELAND2016_0037 IRELAND2016_0038 IRELAND2016_0039  IRELAND2016_0041 IRELAND2016_0042

After hearing how amazing Trinity College was, we decided to see it for ourselves!! It was truly magnificent.

IRELAND2016_0043 IRELAND2016_0044 IRELAND2016_0045IRELAND2016_0040 IRELAND2016_0046 IRELAND2016_0047 IRELAND2016_0048 IRELAND2016_0049 IRELAND2016_0050 IRELAND2016_0051 IRELAND2016_0052 IRELAND2016_0053

Vanessa watched a documentary that said Mulligans had the best pint of Guinness in Ireland. I have to agree, they were right. Who knew Guinness could actually taste good?

IRELAND2016_0054 IRELAND2016_0055 IRELAND2016_0056 IRELAND2016_0057 IRELAND2016_0058 IRELAND2016_0059 IRELAND2016_0060 IRELAND2016_0061 IRELAND2016_0062 IRELAND2016_0063 IRELAND2016_0064 IRELAND2016_0065 IRELAND2016_0066 IRELAND2016_0067 IRELAND2016_0068  IRELAND2016_0070IRELAND2016_0069 IRELAND2016_0071 IRELAND2016_0072 IRELAND2016_0073 IRELAND2016_0074 IRELAND2016_0075 IRELAND2016_0076 IRELAND2016_0077 IRELAND2016_0078  IRELAND2016_0080IRELAND2016_0079 IRELAND2016_0081 IRELAND2016_0082 IRELAND2016_0083 IRELAND2016_0084 IRELAND2016_0085 IRELAND2016_0086 IRELAND2016_0087 IRELAND2016_0088 IRELAND2016_0089 IRELAND2016_0090

We took a tour of the Guinness factory! It was a 5 story tour showing the process of how they make their beer, the history of the brand, how to pour the beer correctly, and it ended with a full 360 view of the city! It was a really neat tour full of history and information! I would recommend it.

IRELAND2016_0091  IRELAND2016_0093 IRELAND2016_0094 IRELAND2016_0095IRELAND2016_0114 IRELAND2016_0096 IRELAND2016_0097 IRELAND2016_0100 IRELAND2016_0099  IRELAND2016_0101 IRELAND2016_0102 IRELAND2016_0103 IRELAND2016_0104 IRELAND2016_0105 IRELAND2016_0106 IRELAND2016_0107 IRELAND2016_0108

After the tour we stopped into Arthur's for some lunch!! Delicious fish & chips & seafood chowder.

IRELAND2016_0109 IRELAND2016_0110 IRELAND2016_0111 IRELAND2016_0112 IRELAND2016_0113 IRELAND2016_0092 IRELAND2016_0115

St. Patrick's Cathedral was absolutely stunning & full of history.

IRELAND2016_0116 IRELAND2016_0117 IRELAND2016_0118 IRELAND2016_0119 IRELAND2016_0120 IRELAND2016_0121 IRELAND2016_0122 IRELAND2016_0123 IRELAND2016_0124 IRELAND2016_0125 IRELAND2016_0126 IRELAND2016_0127 IRELAND2016_0128 IRELAND2016_0129 IRELAND2016_0130 IRELAND2016_0131 IRELAND2016_0132 IRELAND2016_0133 IRELAND2016_0134 IRELAND2016_0135

At the end of the day, we did a tour at the only operating whisky distillery in Dublin! Teeling has been around for years, but just opened their distillery a year ago in Dublin. The first new distillery in Dublin in 125 years.

IRELAND2016_0136 IRELAND2016_0137 IRELAND2016_0138

For dinner, we tried out Mulligan's restaurant that was right down the street from our Airbnb. The first mulligan's we went to was just a pup. This was a gastropub and probably all of our favorite meal/dinner experiences of the trip!! It was such a cool atmosphere, and had DELICIOUS food!

IRELAND2016_0139 IRELAND2016_0140 IRELAND2016_0141 IRELAND2016_0142 IRELAND2016_0143 IRELAND2016_0144 IRELAND2016_0145 IRELAND2016_0146

On Sunday, we did a day tour to see the Cliffs of Moher. The bus took us on a 3 hour journey to the West coast of Ireland & made a stop in a quaint little town, then to some "mini cliffs" that were still very large, then to another quaint town for lunch, and finally to the cliffs that are a mere 700FOOT drop!!! Have you ever seen Princess Bride? Remember the "cliffs of Insanity" ... yep.. it was those.. and yes... they were INSANE! Pictures don't do them justice.

IRELAND2016_0147 IRELAND2016_0148 IRELAND2016_0149 IRELAND2016_0150 IRELAND2016_0151 IRELAND2016_0152 IRELAND2016_0153 IRELAND2016_0154 IRELAND2016_0155 IRELAND2016_0156 IRELAND2016_0157 IRELAND2016_0158 IRELAND2016_0159 IRELAND2016_0160 IRELAND2016_0161 IRELAND2016_0162

Although the miles of stone walls you see through the countryside of Ireland look quite charming, there is a sad story behind them. These walls were made during the potato famine in the mid 1800's to earn food.

IRELAND2016_0163 IRELAND2016_0164 IRELAND2016_0165 IRELAND2016_0166 IRELAND2016_0167 IRELAND2016_0168 IRELAND2016_0169 IRELAND2016_0170 IRELAND2016_0171 IRELAND2016_0172 IRELAND2016_0173 IRELAND2016_0174  IRELAND2016_0176 IRELAND2016_0177 IRELAND2016_0178 IRELAND2016_0179 IRELAND2016_0180 IRELAND2016_0181 IRELAND2016_0182 IRELAND2016_0183 IRELAND2016_0184 IRELAND2016_0185 IRELAND2016_0186 IRELAND2016_0187 IRELAND2016_0188 IRELAND2016_0189 IRELAND2016_0190 IRELAND2016_0191 IRELAND2016_0192 IRELAND2016_0193 IRELAND2016_0194 IRELAND2016_0195 IRELAND2016_0196 IRELAND2016_0197

Our last day in Ireland, we couldn't stay at our lovely Airbnb due to another family coming in. This sent us on a search of where to stay! Randall's mom had suggested the Ritz Carlton in Ireland. It's known to be pretty affordable for what it is, and she said it was a must so obviously we said... DUH!! Of course we will go stay a night at the Powerscourt for a great price. It was such a fun experience. We got to see the beauty of Ireland outside of the city, it was only about 40min from Dublin, and it contains the 3rd best garden in the world on it's grounds!! It was the perfect way to relax & finish our time in Ireland.

IRELAND2016_0198 IRELAND2016_0199 IRELAND2016_0200 IRELAND2016_0201 IRELAND2016_0202 IRELAND2016_0203 IRELAND2016_0204 IRELAND2016_0205 IRELAND2016_0206 IRELAND2016_0207 IRELAND2016_0208 IRELAND2016_0209 IRELAND2016_0210 IRELAND2016_0211 IRELAND2016_0212 IRELAND2016_0213 IRELAND2016_0214 IRELAND2016_0215 IRELAND2016_0216 IRELAND2016_0217 IRELAND2016_0218 IRELAND2016_0219 IRELAND2016_0220 IRELAND2016_0221 IRELAND2016_0222 IRELAND2016_0223 IRELAND2016_0224 IRELAND2016_0225 IRELAND2016_0226

The roses in the garden were so dreamy and smelt SO heavenly!!!IRELAND2016_0227 IRELAND2016_0228IRELAND2016_0232 IRELAND2016_0229 IRELAND2016_0230 IRELAND2016_0231  IRELAND2016_0233 IRELAND2016_0234 IRELAND2016_0235 IRELAND2016_0236 IRELAND2016_0237 IRELAND2016_0238 IRELAND2016_0239

In the Powerscourt Gardens you will find the largest private pet cemetery in Ireland, which is the resting place of the much loved pets of the Wingfield and Slazenger families.

IRELAND2016_0240 IRELAND2016_0241 IRELAND2016_0242 IRELAND2016_0243 IRELAND2016_0244 IRELAND2016_0245 IRELAND2016_0246 IRELAND2016_0247 IRELAND2016_0248 IRELAND2016_0249 IRELAND2016_0250 IRELAND2016_0251 IRELAND2016_0252 IRELAND2016_0253 IRELAND2016_0254 IRELAND2016_0255 IRELAND2016_0256 IRELAND2016_0257 IRELAND2016_0258 IRELAND2016_0259 IRELAND2016_0260 IRELAND2016_0261 IRELAND2016_0262 IRELAND2016_0263 IRELAND2016_0264 IRELAND2016_0265 IRELAND2016_0266

Our last day in Ireland was the perfect way to end a wonderful time in the Irish country!! The next day we would catch a ferry & boat over to Holyhead in Wales to continue our journey onto London, England! Stay tuned for part 2 :).

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